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rmocarsky rmocarsky is offline
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rmocarsky rmocarsky is offline
Join Date: Apr 2011
Posts: 267
island hunt

I have a question:

Over on the Marylandwhitetail.com forum they have a couple of threads about a place in Bainbridge, PA where there is an island in the Susquehanna River where they have what they call hunts (but are really harvests) of pigs and rams. The cost for any animal killed is $375, regardless of weight.

Now, the place is called Mohr's Widowmaker Island, and they place basically farm pigs on the island a day before the scheduled harvest and bring shooters (harvesters) onto the island the next morning and usually by noon the killing is finished.

This is not a sporting event at all, at least not to an adult hunter.

After reading several reviews and posts about this place the harvesters all say the same things:

The pigs weigh about 300 lbs.; the owner of the island offers to transport the pigs to an Amish butcher who charges about $250 for a custom cut (bacon, sausages, hams, smoked hams, chops, ground, etc.) all freezer wrapped and ready for pickup in about 2 weeks.

And they all say that the pork is superior to any pork they have ever had. This maybe true, or it may be enthusiasm, but the pork is certainly not treated from time of death to delivery with anything artificial.

For $375 for the hog plus $250 for butchering comes to $625. (Add to that whatever gas it would cost you to get there and back and then to get there and back again after you have picked up your meat, plus I understand each "guide" is tipped.)

Here is my question:

How does this cost compare to buying a whole butchered and wrapped hog?

Now, while there are vids on youtube and believe me, no one except maybe a child would view this as a challenge. I have watched them and felt sorry for the pigs from a hunter's viewpoint. From a harvester's viewpoint . . . maybe it is cost efficient.

What say ye?

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