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Safety Bullets now in stock!

We now have the Safety Bullet® in stock and ready to ship!

$24.95 (plus tax/shipping).

Load the Safety Bullet® in your firing chamber.

If a kid or an in intruder pulls the trigger on YOUR gun the Safety Bullet® will lock itself in the firing chamber. The gun becomes an instant paperweight. To removed place the plastic rod that came with your package down the barrel and drive the locking pin 3/8 inch back inside the Safety Bullet. You can now eject it. Then send it back to us with $3.00 for postage and we will slap another primer in it for your. Yes it is that simple!
The Safety Bullet is reloadable!

You know it's in there. If you need your firearm, simply cycle the action and it will eject the Safety Bullet® and load a live round.

It is that easy.

Advantages of the Safety Bullet®

1. Easy to load!

2. You know its there so you know to remove it before firing!

3. Loads and unloads in the blink of an eye!

4. Keeps unauthorized users from firing your gun!

5. Makes your firearm ready to fire faster than any other Patented Safety Device in the world!

6. To anyone looking at your gun it looks like there is no safety device on it, because there isn't one. This device is not on your gun it is IN your gun.

7. For less that $ 25.00 you can protect your family and yourself from an Accidental Shooting!

Visit The DPS Store to purchase yours today!

MSP Certified Handgun Instructor - QHIL, Certified NRA Instructor, Utah BCI Certified Instructor, NRA Range Safety Officer
Notary Public (Maryland)
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