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Thanks for posting this. I was going to head up to see you this morning. Have a great weekend.
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Originally Posted by BBestPawn View Post
I could pull all the stats from my system if I had the energy. Here's some basic info.

Men vs Women: still more men, but a good number of women

First Time Buyers vs Others: Lot's of first time buyers buying whatever they can get their hands on. Firearm owners are buying lot's of ammo

Liberals vs conservatives: No idea, I'm pretty much tuning out everything.

Percentage of customers who have no idea that you need an HQL to purchase a handgun. What are their responses like?: A WHAT? Can I buy one without? Okay, I'll take that last .270

How many times have you heard “I never thought I would need/want to buy a gun until now”: Lost count

There have been lot's of delays with NICS,. The system is fu*ked. They have as far as I am concerned broken the brady law and are saying these are not business days and without results we can not transfer until April 4th.

State police say business as usual with for handguns

So far we have found that people that won't put deposits down when they have been delayed are then getting denied.
Wow, fascinating insight. There’s lots of potential studies of many aspects of society coming out of this pandemic.

Glad business is good! Get some rest!

Determined to make the shortest possible 29" SBRs
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Enjoy your rest.

Bulk Ammo for Sale-9/223/556
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Got an order coming into the shop soon, see ya in a week or so!!

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I stopped by on Thursday to pick a handgun. It was surreal seeing the walls empty expect AR-15 pistols and the handgun cases were full. I hope the first time buyers began to realize how insidious Maryland gun laws truly are. They are very fortunate that Long gun Qualification license bill did not pass last year.

Thanks Dan as always.
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Originally Posted by BBestPawn View Post
Well we are sold out of all but one or two shotguns and they are not the home defense style everyone is looking for. We are also sold out of almost all rifles and most ammo.

We are going o take a much needed break and close until Monday when we are expecting some deliveries and hopefully will have more ammo and shotguns the home defense kind.

Sorry for any disruption to picking up firearms, but we need a couple days off. See you next week.
Are you open today until 5pm?

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Originally Posted by eruby View Post
Are you open today until 5pm?

Baltimore's Best Pawn
2977 Baltimore Blvd.
Finksburg, MD 21048

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FFL, Class 3 SOT, 07-Manufacturer

Shop Baltimore's Best Pawn Online

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