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Best MD Legal .308 battle rifle

So didn't pony up for an FAL before the 10/1 ban.
So now I'm thinking of rectifying that mistake.
It boils down for me to AR-10ish or CETME
(Don't like the Vepr's (AK ergonomics don't work for me and only 8 rounds?) , don't like the LE901( non pinned gas block, too short barrel, no idea how proprietary it is, no thank you, plus its a Colt and I can build better for less). Truth be told I'd rather have a .308 DPMS than a Colt.
Sig 716 is piston operated so thats right out (plus it's a Sig)
FN SCAR H (Not enough $) same with Larue, LMT, and any other boutique rifles.

So for me the frontrunners are DPMS Tac 20 and get rid of the stupid quad rail.
DPMS G2 (not sure about this as they dont offer a longer barrel with irons just a stupid exposed gas block)
CETME and replace the brake for a flash hider.

Liking the looks of the PSA AR-10 18" Midlength (but Chad says reliability issues?)

Or roll my own. Does anyone know of a short fixed stock for AR-10's? Thinking fixed stock, 20" irons (flat top preferred) medium weight barrel, not sure on handguard (free float vs non) although popping an optic on for DMR work might be in the future.
Also would like to keep weight around ~10 lbs.
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