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If you have never watched this, I highly recommend it! It's an hour well spent.

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That's awesome. Nice job on the muskets!

Originally Posted by clandestine View Post

They have a bag, powder horn, and wood canteen.

The bpatch box is not a bad idea. I like it.
If you want them to be "accurate" for the Continental Army, don't do the patch boxes - no muskets had them. Muskets for line infantry were loaded from paper cartridges. They were a ball and powder charge all rolled up in newsprint. You had a cartridge box which had a wooden block inside with holes drilled in it, and the cartridges stuck up out of the holes. For line infantry, the box was worn on a strap (white) which went over the left shoulder so the box was behind the right hip.

When you needed to load, you'd grab a cartridge, bite the top off with your teeth, (black powder is salty!) pour a priming load in the pan, and shut the pan. Then you'd dump the rest of the powder charge down the barrel, seat the ball (still in the paper, which would be your wad) with your finger and then ram it home. Youtube is full of videos of the Von Steuben musket drill, which he taught to the Continentals during the winter at Valley Forge.

It'd be fairly easy to make them some cartridge boxes and rolling up paper into "cartridges" would be an easy and fun activity for them.

If you go to Mt. Harmon, you'll see the infantry loading their muskets this way. I used to do Rev War living history with the First Maryland Regt (who will apparently not be at that event) and those events are a HELL of a lot of fun.
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Since the boys are interested in period arms and you are new to Cecil County you may also be interested in our War of 1812 connections. They are Fort Hollingsworth and the Elk Landing Site. Here is a link to a paper about the archaeological work conducted there, see chapter three for the historical context:

Additional Revolutionary and other things they may find interesting for day trips:

Brandywine Battlefield

Fort Mifflin

Hagley Museum (the original Du Pont black powder works)

Fort Delaware on Pea Patch Island (Civil War)
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I love stuff like this simple cuz your kids will remember this!!!

I routed out some simple shapes and Meelz and i paint them. I then wash them off and we repeate but she loves it. Obviously no where near your skills here but seeing tons of shitty parents at work i love seeing great ones!

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Thank you all for the tips and advice. I do appreciate it so very much.

Well, I planned on doing lots of yard work today but the weather will not cooperate so I had to do more. I decided something was missing on my boys Cap Gun Muskets and Pistols. I made them Frizzen Covers.
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