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Statements on Market & Rates 2/22/21

Rates got beat up last week but still sexy historically speaking. VA rates are still stupid low on their own. Iím going to start posting market updates from our in house Secondary Market head. His name is Hance and heís brilliant. I occasionally have to break out the thesaurus even though I know this business, but the information is insanely on point. I think many folks here would appreciate the market info for purchase and Refinance information.

Rates are still great for Refis and to be very honest, I, like many other lenders, are really backed up. Itís a good problem to have, but itís making my return calls and new application work up turn times suffer a bit. This is NOT international and Iím working as fast as I can. PLEASE know this is just me being honest. Just wanted to say that.

In addition, finding good OPs folks to help speed things up is insanely difficult which compounds the problem for all. If anyone knows solid Loan officers or mortgage processors please let me know ASAP.

Thanks all and lots of useful information to come in a volatile market.

Ryan C. Lowry
Branch Manager, Southern Trust Mortgage
410 753 2236

NRA member & MSI Executive member
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