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Former MSI BOD
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Join Date: Aug 2008
Posts: 20,505
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Looking to buy a safe for a fire house

Not exactly a gun thing, but I know many of our IPs carry safes.

My firehouse is looking to replace our safe.

One of our must-have features is unique combination codes. At least 4 since there are 4 officers with signature access to the bank accounts.

The space we have, and our current safe measures

Length:17.5 Inches
Width: 16.75 Inches
Height: 24 inches

It does have an internal locking drawer.

We are located in Cockeysville. We got three quotes, but I just found out today only 1 of the 3 includes the multi-user keypad. Ideal interior size: 18x13x13

So I thought I'd post up here and see if any IPs might want to bid.

The President seems to want delivery and removal of the old one as well.
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