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Originally Posted by SpatialD View Post
Appreciate the replies!

Yup, that was you who mentioned DEZ Arms. What went south on that barrel? I saw a post where you praised it initially.

I wonder if that is a product of it being a Wylde chambered barrel?

I have to locate and reread the MSP guidelines. Most of the 16" SOCOM are described by the retailers as medium profile while a few are described as heavy. As they are not likely to have HBAR stamped most of those website descriptions are nothing to fall back on. As for 14.5" SOCOM -- I've only seen the $350 Colt barrels listed as heavy (until just a few minutes ago! :-)).

As eluded to, I've just come across the following and, in blind faith, ordered one. AR15 BARREL 5.56 NATO 14.5IN HVY SOCOM NITRIDE 1:7 for $70! Picture definitely doesn't look like a heavy contour (more so government) but being USA made, nitride and mid-length gas for $70 has me giddy for this as a test barrel. I have no idea what "Original Equipment" means but, despite my observation of Colt being the only 14.5 heavy I can find, I still absolutely doubt these are Colt. NATO caliber (vs Wylde) could also be a plus for me, should make it more likely to cycle steel case. Being Sunday I figured buy now and this will give me a few hours to research and cancel if warranted.

*EDIT* -- If the barrel comes looking like the CDNN supplied pictures I've hopefully covered my rear by saving to HD the website page and, better yet, the invoice descriptor is exactly as in the link above.

I still have one of their older barrels on another gun(which shoots fine) that I built some years ago. Since then, I've seen other people having problems with their barrels (mostly the headspace problems) and the company's responses. I found their solutions problematic.

I also found out that they were setting their barrel extensions prior to nitriting the barrels. I learned from clandestine that that also can be a future issue. So I look elsewhere for my barrels.
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