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lazarus lazarus is offline
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Join Date: Jun 2015
Posts: 7,305
G21 host options

Okay, so at some point I've got a Rugged Obsidian 45 that the government will decide I am okay enough to actually possess (form 3 approved, not yet to my dealer).

I know I've got a long wait. My Omega 300 should be out of NFA jail here in the next few days to few weeks. Ugh.

Anyway, I only have a single 45acp, a Glock 21. I have some number of 9mms in some state of working. Effectively a threaded barrel I can swap on to my G17, though I probably need to clean it up. Its a BCA threaded barrel and the feed ramp machining is rougher than a drunken football player on prom night (depending on how well it works once the ramp is cleaned up, I might just get a a nicer threaded barrel). I also have a G34 slide with Brownell's threaded barrel and that one runs sweet.

For the Glock 21 I've got...the factory non-threaded barrel. It is a Gen 3, which sort of sucks in some ways. I'd like to get a G41 slide, but sadly Glock didn't make those till Gen 4. So no dice unless I want to get a Glock 21 gen 4 or 5. Which is a no.

It doesn't look anyone makes a 41 slide that is backwards compatible to gen 3. Though if someone does, PLEASE let me know.

It looks like my options are get a G21 threaded barrel, or Lone Wolf makes a G21L 6" slide and threaded barrel. Not sure I really want to go that long. It is why I didn't go with a 17L is it just seems excessively long. The G34 is just going to be a range gun. Maybe some year I might get in to some competition shooting and it could be useful for that, but likely I'll never dip my toes in to that.

Any thoughts on these? G21 with a threaded barrel? New slide with a threaded G21 barrel (with optics cut)? Is there a G41 aftermarket slide that'll work on a Gen 3 20/21 frame? Go G21L?

One thought on G21L, I've got mild interest in handgun hunting. Not big mind you, but a G21L running 45 super looks like a stout load out of the ~6.5" threaded barrel probably would exceed the 700ft-lbs required for deer hunting with a handgun in Maryland and would meet the barrel length requirements.

The other thought is, I've considered a G20 and would be an okay bear gun. Though not the best for brown bears, but a hell of a lot better than a pea shooter. But a G21L spitting 255gr hard cast flat nosed bullets loaded to 45 super pressures is probably a much better bear gun than a G20 with 200gr hard cast.

And I can easily just swap back to a lighter spring and guide rod and run 45acp all day long in the G21L then. I don't think I could quite get a subsonic load to 700ft-lbs (looks like a 260gr at 1101fps would do, but isn't necessarily subsonic and only speer seems to make 45 colt JHP bullets. Doesn't seem to be anyone making heavier weight expanding bullets for 45 colt and pretty sure I couldn't juice a heavy bullet fast enough to exceed 700ft-lbs.

Thoughts? Feelings? Commentary?

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