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Originally Posted by MaxVO2 View Post
****No kidding. One of my co-workers had his car broken into over the weekend, while the car was outside the driveway, and they stole his laptop, and used his garage door opener to open the garage and took stuff from there as well. He didn't really have anything of value in the garage, but they took some tools, and whatever else they wanted from there. The scary part was they were home, but nobody heard anything (it was like 2am..), AND the thieves kept the garage door opener remote.. Yes, they called the police, etc... dunno what they expect them to do.. Yes, they had an alarm and no it wasn't on...No, they didn't have a dog, but yes they have goldfish who apparently didn't have the common decency to send bubble signals or whatever goldfish do to warn of intruders...

* NOW * my co-worker wants a gun. His wife is freaked out, his in-laws are freaked out, basically everybody is freaked out, including the neighbors.. The images of those somewhat clean cut white men dressed in black and up to no good from the ADT commercials checking the windows late at night while mom is comfortably feeding the baby are flashing through everyone's head now. Did I mention that * NOW * they want a gun? So, being the resident expert at work I'm asked what it takes to get a nice handgun for the home, something not too intimidating to non-gun people, perhaps also a special safe to keep it in so the kids don't get to it, etc... and wait for it..... "Can we just order it from the gun shop and have it shipped to our home????" Yea, I could have mentioned if he were an FFL, etc... but why? Short answer: NO.

I mentioned it's gonna be tough getting a handgun in the current environment, especially without an HQL, taking the class, fingerprinting, the waiting period after you plop down your money, and after you get your HQL and fingerprints, and after your HQL class... So...... he's a resourceful chap, and says he has a 3D printer and has heard you can make pretty much any gun, including machine guns if you have the right plan for it. Me: I dunno, mebbe... what about ammunition?

So, now I'm stuck being the dude fielding questions by mostly very very liberal people who were formerly against private gun ownership and for "sensible" gun laws about how to get them a gun so they feel a bit safer, and to keep the wife and kids from apparently being abducted for organ harvesting, or whatever one does with people when there's still food in the markets.

I agree that many of these people will be the first after all of this craziness is done to go right back to being anti-gun as long as they have their gun NOW.

Nobody has asked to borrow a gun yet... but I have a feeling it might not be much longer...

Tell them to direct further questions here:
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