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Originally Posted by schnauzr View Post
While true for centerfire calibers and historically lower-priced bulk rimfire, I've noticed that better quality/match rimfire ammo pricing seems to have remained the same for now

Example, on the CMP Eley https://estore.thecmp.org/Catalog/Item/4C22ELYSTD-5000 the price has not changed, free shipping (need to have the green signed Appleseed paperwork though) works out to 7cpr in bulk.

Otherwise Ammoseek.com shows rimfire SK Standard Plus and Wolf Match Target still around 10-12cpr same as before the run on ammo! Stock up!

If you need the CMP form signed, PM me and I can do that based on the January event.

And great point on the match stuff. SK Standard Plus is my go to ammo for 200 yards. And I am sure you could find folks to split a case or two of the CMP Eley.

I was luck enough to get plenty of cheap standard rimfire for loaners if needed. Appleseed MD will survive the drought.
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