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Old October 17th, 2017, 09:28 AM #39
DraKhen99 DraKhen99 is offline
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DraKhen99 DraKhen99 is offline
Professional Heckler
Join Date: Sep 2013
Posts: 1,666
Stoveman & Possum, glad you guys are recovering. I would've posted sooner on here, but I've been sidelined with the flu or a really bad cold since Saturday night.

Raineman, you did a great job setting this ride up - I wouldn't hesitate to go on another ride led by you!

As for the response by everyone - the ones who blocked the road were awesome! Room to work and figure stuff out without having to worry about cagers running us over - wow!

For myself, I was right behind Stove and Possum, and watching them go down, I got on my brakes, gently, and slid a little myself, but their accident actually prevented a few more, in my eyes. I was honored to be the one to call 911 and coordinate that effort.

FWIW, Mrs. Drakhen had a heck of a time, and looks forward to the next ride, so good job guys! Raineman, she said your pacing was great for her, and it was very comfortable. She was happy to see everyone pitch in when the incident occurred, and Stoveman, she wants to hang out with Mrs. Stove next time

Oh, and one final thing: Glad I could keep you in [figurative] stitches, y'all!

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