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Originally Posted by Wuntsum View Post
Is the AAC Pilot 2 in 22lr?

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Originally Posted by United Gun Shop View Post
Price drops

Ruger LCR .327fed mag $249.00
Ruger LCRx .22 wmr $249.00

Para Ordnance P12-45 $600
Mossberg 3000 $400
Caspian 1911 .40 $1500 (comes with 200rds FMJ)
Glock 22 gen 2 $350.00

Wow, you guys sell some guns cheap. I'd buy that LCR .327 fed in a heartbeat, were I stateside. It'll still fire other .32 rounds, even if one does not feel confident in the future of the .327 magnum. GREAT wife gun there.. for a song.

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