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Originally Posted by J.T View Post
One of your guns found with the American "mercinaries" in Haiti. Small world we live in
It was quite the shock to us as well, an interesting group that they caught. Haven't looked into the news lately to see if there's been any developments though.

Originally Posted by Stoveman View Post
Interesting, I'd like to know the story behind this.

And what's a Glock NEANT?
Supposedly some Americans were hired as security for a bank executive, but the government in power accused them as being a private army for the ousted president to lead a coup or something. Ridiculous stuff. US State Department got them out of there pretty quickly from what I heard, but nothing past that.

- Andrew S.
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Originally Posted by eruby View Post

François Duvalier approves
Jean-Claude is envious...
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Whoever made that list apparantly has no clue about guns... Almost get a headache trying to read it, and its not the French language doing it... lol
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I love the 'mloc' model 'mag pul' gun.

Guessing it's an AR with magpul furniture.


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