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RED FLAG Demo @ HOGAN's House! This Sat. 2pm!

This Saturday at 2pm, all MDS members, Patriot Picket regulars, MSI members and all Maryland firearms owners are CALLED TO ACTION to demonstrate at the Governor's Mansion for 60-90 minutes (adjacent to Lawyer's Mall and the Statehouse) to demand that Gov. Hogan REJECT the unlawful violation of our rights known as the RED FLAG bill, HB1302.

The flawed RED FLAG bill, which deprives you of basic Civil Rights, was rammed through the MD legislature Monday night by corrupt Democrats, who would not even supply all the bill's language to the full House of Delegates when it came time for a final vote.

The good folks with the Maryland Militia, who secured a permit weeks ago for a 2A Rally on Lawyer's Mall this Saturday at 2p, will be joining forces with us to make the disgraceful RED FLAG bill the focus of this gathering. (Just 2 weeks ago the fine folks in the MD Militia group helped with the overwatch for our Patriot Picket crew when we were in DC to challenge the ideas of the March For Our Lives.)

The RED FLAG BILL DEMONSTRATION this Saturday will orient our speaker's position so that everyone attending will be facing the Governor's Mansion with every RED FLAG protest sign that we have, plus many other signs advocating for our full 2A rights. We will also have an array of American flags, Maryland flags and other banners waving in the breeze for a day that is forecast to be sunny and in the 70s.

You don't have to hold a sign or a flag, but we do insist that you make it your priority to join us this THIS SATURDAY AFTERNOON to let Governor Hogan know that HE MUST VETO HB1302 to prevent this alarming usurpation of our 4th Amendment rights from being carried out in Maryland!

This RED FLAG bill, effectively, is the WORST attack on Maryland firearm owners ever, considering how many law-abiding Marylanders could be caught up in this treacherous net--and just on the say-so of someone close to your that may wish to punish you or hold a grudge. You could be held in a mental hospital and have your firearms seized before you have any chance to challenge the action in court.

If you have a Maryland or American flag bring it! This attack on our rights must not stand! The Governor has been ill-advised about the treachery this potential law unleashes and he has to hear from the voters DIRECTLY if this is to be derailed!

Our thanks to MDS member ddeanjohnson for posting his ACTION ALERT thread to help flood the Governor's inbox and voicemail with crucial messages. Click on the link below to be part of an overwhelming flood of mail and messages.


See you this Saturday at Lawyer's Mall at 2pm!


Since we have many folks walking down to Mission BBQ (for the National Anthem plus lunch) at noon, we are inviting our Patriots to turn our lunch hike into a March For Our Rights

Simply do this: Find your parking in the area of the Statehouse by 11:15am (with the free Calvert Garage being the best option). Rendezvous with our March crew no later than 11:30am on the sidewalk in front of the Statehouse to pick up a "RED FLAG" sign, a "Second Amendment" sign, or a flag so that we can garner even more attention for our noble cause during a hike down Main Street to Mission BBQ. Of course, you can bypass a sign or flag and just walk with us, too!

ALERT: We will depart with our group at 11:30am to be at Mission BBQ in time for the National Anthem by noon, with the upstairs eating area graciously reserved for our Rally attendees.

We will be able to stow the signs and flags upstairs while we eat and stage another March on our return trip to the Statehouse for our Rally at 2pm.

We know we will get plenty of attention from the public and the media--attention that will put more pressure on Gov. Hogan to DO THE RIGHT THING!

As you can see from our last "March Down Main", it's a eye-catching scene that will undoubtedly be captured on bystander photos and posted to social media.

Anyone who joined our last "March Down Main" knows what an energizing experience it is to take this stance for our rights!

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