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Originally Posted by newmuzzleloader View Post
If the child has passed a hunter education course then firearms do not have to be locked. Unless this too was recently changed.

Harford County Schools is wasting no time in asking questions. From last night. I've already told my son to not answer any questions about guns.

Good evening,

The Maryland school survey, a*school climate survey,*will be provided to students in grades 5-11 between October 8 and November 9. This state required survey collects feedback from students regarding instruction, relationships with adults, school safety, and overall climate in their school. Each school will choose their specific dates within that window. The survey should take approximately 30 minutes for each student to complete.

For further information, please click here or look on the Maryland School Survey link under ‘Communications’ on the home page of hcps.org. Should you have any additional questions, please contact your child’s school.

Thank you.

This e-mail has been sent to you by HARFORD COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT. To maximize their communication with you, you may be receiving this
The school climate survey has nothing to do with guns or with 1302. It's something that they do every year (they do it in Baltimore County and everywhere else in Maryland, since it's required by state law) in order to gauge the overall feeling of the students about their schools. Do the kids generally feel safe? Do they feel like the teachers are doing a good job?

If you want to see the kinds of questions that are asked, look here:



Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree N Responses
Academic Environment
1. My teachers explain things when I don't understand. 25.0 63.8 9.2 2.0 705
2. My teachers help me when I don't understand. 25.2 65.1 8.4 1.3 702
3. My teachers help me when I want to learn more about a subject. 17.9 62.8 16.0 3.3 698
4. My teachers give me prompt feedback on my assignments. 12.8 52.3 29.8 5.1 702
5. My teachers tell me how I do on my assignments, tests, and homework assignments. 21.7 60.8 15.0 2.6 701
6. I have the opportunity to ask my teachers about my assignments. 27.2 62.8 9.2 0.9 699
7. My teachers explain to me how to do my homework. 17.6 60.9 17.4 4.1 700
8. My teachers have high expectations for me to do well in school. 34.2 53.9 9.6 2.3 698
9. My teachers listen to my ideas. 17.0 57.1 21.6 4.3 700
10. It is easy to talk to teachers about things that bother me. 11.7 36.9 37.7 13.7 700
Student-Staff Relationship
11. School staff treats students fairly. 17.7 60.3 16.6 5.4 700
12. If needed, I know that I can talk to a school administrator about a problem. 22.5 55.3 17.8 4.4 698
13. There is an adult at school I can talk to when I have personal problems. 19.0 41.7 29.5 9.8 695
14. School staff is friendly and helpful. 19.4 66.0 12.6 2.0 697
15. If I got into trouble, the school staff would treat me fairly. 16.0 56.2 20.0 7.8 694
Student-Student Relationship
16. I get along with other students in this school. 38.6 53.7 4.8 2.8 702
17. Students help one another in this school. 22.9 53.6 17.5 6.0 702
18. Students care about each other in this school. 17.4 48.6 25.2 8.8 702
19. I feel welcomed at this school. 29.0 58.1 8.0 5.0 701
Student Responsibility
20. School staff encourages students to respect others. 34.7 56.5 6.6 2.2 695
21. This school encourages students to respect the rights of other students. 32.9 56.4 8.7 2.0 692
22. This school teaches students to be responsible for their own behavior. 30.2 56.4 10.2 3.2 693
23. This school encourages students to help one another. 25.0 57.7 13.7 3.5 691
Safe, Drug-Free, and Conducive to Learning
24. I feel safe at school. 33.3 54.4 7.8 4.4 702
25. My belongings are safe in this school. 8.7 39.7 31.5 20.1 702
26. Students in this school are well-behaved. 8.3 47.5 33.3 10.9 699
27. I can work in my classroom without being bothered by other students. 12.0 55.6 24.1 8.3 698
28. In this school, students teasing other students is a problem. 10.3 38.0 44.3 7.3 697
29. In this school, students bullying other students is a problem. 9.6 31.4 46.7 12.3 698
30. In this school, drug use is a problem. 21.3 36.9 30.1 11.7 694
31. In this school, alcohol use is a problem. 24.5 37.0 28.1 10.5 695

A B C D N Responses
Overall Satisfaction
32. What grade would you give your school? 40.4 46.4 9.3 3.9 688
It's nothing to freak out about, and it certainly has nothing to do with Red Flag Orders.
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Originally Posted by clandestine View Post
To those saying that perjurers are punished, please show me where. I want to see data because in my experience people who file false reports and fabricate stories don't get punished unless they target someone important, and even then it's rare.
Agree. I'm am a landlord. People perjurer themselves all the time. GO to the states attorney and they laugh at you. In my old county, one of those was the governor's daughter.
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In a perfect world, 1302s would be a great idea. But we don't live in a perfect world. Those that think that this law won't be abused, is only kidding themselves. The system is rigged against us in Maryland, do you honestly think the Red Flag Law won't be as well?
Jim Smith

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