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Does the military use .40 S&W?

Sportsmans Guide was offering free shipping on orders over $100, so I ordered a bunch of ammo cans. I'm quite the ammo/magazine whore, so I figured I'd grab a bunch while I could get them cheap. I ordered three 40mm, five .50 caliber, and three .30 caliber cans.

When I opened the boxes I found that all the cans looked nearly new (just like all the others I'd gotten from SG) However, two of the .50 cal cans say .40 caliber S&W on the side. I wasn't aware that our military uses that caliber. I could understand 9mm (one of the cans does say 9mm), but .40 Smith and Wesson? Where the heck did that come from? And two of the five cans say this. It just stuck me as unusual. Anyone have any ideas?
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