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80% MIG gun wire feeder

This is a MIG welding wire feeder (parts) that needs a little work to become operational. It needs a power supply AC to DC 42V to power the motor. It will also need a means to control the motorís speed so you can set the wire feed rate. Probably a PWM motor drive circuit board would work.The solenoids for the shielding gas and coolant are there. The neat thing about this unit is that the wire feeds through the motorís rotor shaft and there is an adjustable gripping mechanism on the outboard end to account for different wire diameters.
The wire spool carrier bolts to the back of the unit. Comes with a brand new torch that has a vacuum hose so you can hook it up to a shop vac for fume extraction.
Free to anyone who wants it. You must take all of it.
I prefer TIG.
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