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lazarus lazarus is offline
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Join Date: Jun 2015
Posts: 7,453
booster assembly weight vs fixed barrel?

Just curious on this, but I am getting a Rugged Obsidian 45 any year now (maybe any month. Check cashed last week, so yeah, a long wait).

An option is going with a fixed barrel spacer, or a fixed end cap. I ordered up a 1/2x28 piston and a FBS to go along with the .578" piston it comes with. In the long run, the most likely use is going to be on a lever gun(s). Looking at a Marlin 1894 CST in .357. Some day I might get a 45LC or .44 mag lever gun that is threaded of some make. But I don't have any guns in 45lc or 44. I do have an old Colt OP in 38sp and plan to pickup a .357 revolver of some make here at some point. So a .357 lever gun makes good sense. With really hot rounds it is just MD legal for deer hunting and certainly powerful enough I'd have no qualms about harvesting a deer out to 100yds with one (though I'd prefer a somewhat closer shot). Very cheap to reload for when I want to plink and 38spc is very quiet through a suppressor and very adequate to turn groundhogs in to ground-up hogs.

Anyway, I am getting side tracked. I am curious how much juice I'd really get going with a fixed end cap. The fixed barrel spacer was certainly cheap enough it made total sense to get along with the 1/2" piston. And I do plan to use it on handguns a reasonable amount too (9mm and 45acp. I might try to get a 32acp threaded handgun at some point as well, as I think that would define silly fun).

I don't have any piston assemblies laying around and fixed end caps to weigh against and I am not concerned about trying to figure out EXACT weights. But, ball park, how much might I save? Is it worth the ~$70-80 to get fixed end caps (one in 1/2" for a .357 lever gun and one in 5/8 for a 45lc/44 or 300BO)? The Obsidian 45 already is fairly light, but it seems like the booster assembly is probably at least a ~2oz heavier than a fixed end cap would be. And it is way out there on the end of the muzzle. Seems like it would probably be worth snagging fixed end caps at some point. Or am I chasing fractions of an ounce because fixed end caps have a ton more material in them than what the piston end caps have or something?

Thanks for your time, consideration and feedback.
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