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Originally Posted by Pinecone View Post
The problem comes with trying to cross band repeat into a repeater, at least in the past.

Say you are on 440 with your dual band mobile rig crossbanding to a 2 meter repeater. You key on 440, your mobile rig is listening on 440, transmitting on 2m. No problem.

You release your mic key, and now your dual band is listening on 2m and transmitting on 440. The problem is, it will not switch out of listening on 2m until the transmissions stop. So if there are a number of people talking, the repeater never stops transmitting and you cannot talk to the repeater.
Yeah, you can't let your crossbander hear the repeater.... also raises ID issues if the repeater signal is (re)generated at your site not using your call.

I use an HT and my crossband repeater is an FT-8900 in the truck. I use tones on the truck input so no one else can key my truck unit.

I TX with CTCSS from the HT on 440 to the truck.
Truck TXs on 2m to the repeater with their tone, if required.
Truck RX frequency for 2m side is set out of band, so even though the dual band has to be active, it will never hear or repeat the repeater.
The repeater does its thing and I can monitor the repeater directly on the HT.

I can hear the repeater from much further away than I can quiet it with the HT, so this usually works.

This lets me roam within HT TX range of the truck and within HT listening range of the repeater.
Stop calling anti-gun politicians “stupid”. They are not. The continuing assault on gun owners and the Constitution/BoR has nothing to do with street-level crime and you will not “educate them” your way out of this.

The beatings will continue until morale improves.
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