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Originally Posted by alucard0822 View Post
Figures I could show a couple pics of the $70 3L ultrasonic in action with my "regular" 22 suppressor cleaning. Probably 1K CCI SV through a mask and oculus, just starting to get buildup caking inside the baffles. Generally the dirtier they get, the better an ultrasonic works. Light fouling gets scrubbed off easily, thick fouling breaks up and leaves clean metal underneath, it's the fouling somewhere in the middle that tends to take the longest to clean off, but I don't really want to, that light coat of fouling also makes a can run quieter. All the fouling causing baffles to stick together, or hang up in the can is cleaned pretty quick. There are dozens of good cleaning solution recipes, I just use 50-50 simple green and water, a gallon of the stuff last forever and costs $6 at BJs, while being relatively mild and safe to handle.

I do 30min at 60c(140f) in a plastic bag of 50% simple green and 50% water, put it in the basket and fill the cleaner with water. take the can apart, dump baffles in the bag with simplegreen(can use more aggressive cleaners and more time if you want them spotless). Then I brush out the tubes with a round brush in a drill, and just use a pick to clean out any fouling that cakes into the underside of the cap. Once the baffes are done in the cleaner, take them out, flush with hot clean water, and dry them. then reassemble, use silicone spray on the baffles if you want to cut down on future fouling. Takes all of 5 min worth of work, and 30 min to wait on the cleaner.

1. dirty baffles
Attachment 323230
2. dump in a bag with solution, bag in the cleaner.

Attachment 323231
3. brushes and a drill to clean tubes and mounts, pic and bore brushes for caps and threaded parts

Attachment 323232
4. clean enough with minimal effort, ready to reassemble

Attachment 323233
Thanks for the demo.
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