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Originally Posted by BFMIN View Post
As supplied they are incomplete & so not usable.
slip the tube in the bore (grease both well first) & see if the nut can be tightened on the muzzle. If not its doable, but a huge project.
I had the opportunity to drop it into a Cogswell sporter that someone had over. The guy gave it to me but I would prefer a shortened rifle like a bushmaster style 03 so I wouldn't take it.

The tube dropped right in but the bolt is nowhere close to closing.

I would bore the breech out to completely accept the chamber end of the insert, then turn the bolt lugs down on the lathe.

The nut would tighten easily to the point that I could stretch the tube by using a wrench by not being careful.

If and when I do it that nut is going to have to be replaced with a flat disc that can be turned and tightened with a spanner that is turned to both accommodate the difference from the muzzle to the face of a rifle nose cap.
Like a false muzzle.

This would allow me to target radially, use the LE front bedding lug to aid vertical adjustment and then when its done the barrel which would be pre drilled out parallel to the bore would have Acra glass forced into to it to dampen and support the tube longitude wise for accuracy.

In a pinch the long lug of a LE bolt on the starboard side could have a HS adjustment mechanism added into to it for different make rim thickness for 22 ammo increasing accuracy even further. Firing pin is round though so that should only have to be done to increase reliability.
That would be as simple as a slotted block with two small screw to adjust. But however ruin a mounting location for a cheap Williams peep site unless it was cleverly incorporated somehow.
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