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God loves you, I don't.
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God loves you, I don't.
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Originally Posted by ToolAA View Post

What I also learned that day was that failures to feed or extract happen a lot when you use shitty gunshow Glock mags. I got A-Lot of practice clearing and reloading. I realized that you may only get one shot to protect your life why the fvck did I think that saving $15 on a magazine was a good idea. If anything good came of that foolishness it was that I had plenty of practice cleaning by the time we got to the “Screaming” exercise. When my dummy round hit the chamber I was quick to rack and drop the slide but I knew it was coming.

Thanks for your no BS perspective. I do value it, a lot.
It isn't necessarily bad mags. During that stress you most likely had a less than strong grip.

So, at that 7 questionable yards, you are right there in the fight. You are closer to the fight than you would be trying to get farther from it, under the circumstance.
7 yards might as well be 3. There is no choice, you HAVE to take the shot. Close that distance so you can make the shot. I was teaching a 16 year old girl this weekend and I had her making multiple hostage target head shots. Consistently.
7 yards is a very easy point shooting distance. That's what I teach everyone before I even teach sights. What it does is builds confidence in them knowing they will most likely make a shot that's right in front of them.

Come on up this Summer. Invite is open.
Do the do's. Don't do the don'ts.
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