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Skinning The Cat

Fellow Patriots;
It is my deepest pleasure to release over a months worth of behind the scenes work from numerous fellow ARFCOMers. We have chosen today to start our movement being January 13th (1/13), as Article 1, Section 13 guarantees our second amendment protections to all Virginians under our state constitution. For that, today, we are launching the Virginian 1-13 initiative.


With the help of several lawyers who have accounts on this site, but wish to remain unnamed, we have felt the next legal fight in preserving our 2A rights would be to work towards the goal of lobbying our local county governments for a sanctioned militia muster, as we so properly lobbied to declare over 91 counties in Virginia "Second Amendment Sanctuary Counties".

In the event that the County raises its Militia, its purpose shall be to fulfill the intent of the Founders of the Commonwealth of Virginia and of the United States, that the People of the County might provide for their safety and security, and protect all of the rights set forth under the Constitutions of the United States and this Commonwealth. In time of war, the Militia shall serve as a local force dedicated to protecting their families and community from foreign enemies. In time of natural disaster, the Militia shall serve the citizens of this County, particularly the elderly, the infirm, the orphan and the widow. In time of domestic tyranny, the Militia shall serve as a force of last resort, subject to the civil power of the County, to preserve the natural rights of the People, including, but not limited to, the rights of life and liberty; the freedom of speech; the free exercise of religion; the right to trial by jury; the right to private property; the right to defense of self and defense of the community; and the Rule of Law.

Primary point:
-By having a county resolve to call for a militia muster of the people, they are offering certain legal guarantees and challenges to unconstitutional laws passed by Democrats in Richmond. Private militias are offered no guarantee of legal protection, as a militia must be "under strict subordination to, and governed by, the civil power". Our main aim is for the law-abiding citizens of Virginia to have a suit against the state being the Governor has no legal backing to disarm or weaken the Militia of Virginia - The People.

Secondary points:
-A County Militia is necessary because the intent of bills like HB961 is to render the individual gun owner fearful and defenseless, waiting for a high-profile raid against him, and subsequent felony charges. Without a Militia and notification system, he will not continue to publicly exercise his rights. The risk is too great.
-With a County Militia, there is now a credible self-defense force that can be mobilized to prevent individuals from being unlawfully arrested or killed.
-The People making up the county Unorganized Militia must therefore begin to take steps to prevent themselves from being picked off individually.
-Without the credible potential of armed assistance for individuals unlawfully targeted by tyrannical laws, the Second Amendment culture will die out, as now-banned guns become liabilities relegated to the closet, only to be turned in or confiscated in 20 years, or sooner, if police are called to a home for any reason, including self-defense using a now-banned gun.
-Under our system of government, and a state government founded on principles of constitutional republicanism, a bare majority of one political party or the other may not wholesale ignore the clear meaning of the constitution and seek to destroy enumerated constitutional rights.
-The fact that a court may also ignore the clear meaning of the 2nd Amendment and Article 1 Section 13 does not nullify the rights protected by the amendments, or justify infringements on those rights: the U.S. Supreme Court once said that Black people are not really "persons" (Dredd Scott v. Sandford) and that persons deemed "imbeciles" or "feeble minded" by state experts (and a majority of Supreme Court justices) may be sterilized against their will (Buck v. Bell). Clearly, courts are fallible and can be highly partisan, and these decisions are reprehensible.
-The leftists in Richmond seek to disarm the individuals who make up "the People," and thereby render them helpless as individuals and as collective actors to resist their unconstitutional intentions.
-This is not about "guns," but about an existential threat on multiple levels to all traditional American values founded on individual liberty, personal responsibility, and fundamental, God-given, natural rights. Leftists seek to violate liberty, including religious liberty; to force the People to confess to a leftist "orthodoxy" on pain of personal destruction, including destruction of reputation, livelihood, liberty and family.
-The Left allows no dissent, and intends to indoctrinate the children of this commonwealth in their own ideology, in violation of the fundamental rights of parents.
-This unwarranted push to disarm the People raises the question of "what does the Left plan to force upon the People that otherwise peaceful Americans will seek to resist with force of arms," such that the Left is pushing preemptive confiscation of the means of ultimate resistance to tyranny?
-The Left knows (like Chairman Mao) that "political power grows from the barrel of a gun," which is why they want to be the only ones with guns. Protection for me, but not for thee. See recent bill to coerce police into doing what they are told, and not what the police officer knows to be right.
-We know that many police, sheriff, national guard and military members support the People at this time, including their right to keep and bear arms; but what about the purge of these institutions that always follows Left-wing takeovers wherever they occur?
-The People must be able to say "no" with an exclamation point, if the tyrannical ideologues and utopians do not listen to our pleas that they remain within constitutional boundaries.
-Ultimately, this is about the Left's ability to govern without the consent of the governed by forcible coercion, and not by reason.
-When Richmond seeks to retaliate against Sanctuary Counties by pulling funding, the BOS must respond by passing an ordinance for taxes to be paid directly to the county for the duration: "Since Richmond is engaged in civil rights violations under color of law, businesses and individuals shall remit their tax payments directly to the county revenue commissioner or county clerk, until such time as Richmond ceases violating civil rights under color of law."


-Spread the website and URLs of the resolution like wildfire. We need people to forward the resolution to their county supervisors demanding action, and post on social media seeking unity.
-Help us distribute the resolution on Lobby Day. We will have thousands of copies to give to fellow Patriots at Richmond. We need hands and feet to help spread the message. Those that may miss the message on social media need copies to then lobby their local board of supervisors for the passage of a militia muster resolution.

Lastly, we are not an organization, but merely providing the resources for you, The People, to fight the good fight.

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Join Date: Jan 2017
Location: The cesspool of MD
Posts: 156
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Join Date: Jan 2017
Location: The cesspool of MD
Posts: 156
the militia movement, it goes with the above

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