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Originally Posted by clandestine View Post

You want is the following:

-Cheapest Upper you can buy
-Harbor Freight Stamp Set
-Sledge Hammer
-Vise Grips
-Nickle Boron BCG
-One Piece Gas Ring
-KNS Firing Pin Retaining Pin
-KNS Pins
-3 Extractor ORings
-Frog Lube
-1/4" drill bit

Here is how you improve the upper to ANTIFA Milspec:

-Stamp HBAR on Barrel with Stamp Set and Sledge Hammer. If you dent the bore, it's ok. It improves accuracy.
-Loosen the Gas Key Bolts 1/4 turn. Is allows upper flatulence to help create an air cushion around the Carrier.
-Install 3 orings on the extractor. No tools allowed.
-Crimp the Gas Tube with vise grips in 3 places. This is called the Uranus modification.
-Install One Piece Gas Ring, Titanium Firing Pin, and Firing Pin Retaining Pin. They are awesome!
-Drill the gas port to .250. you need more gas after the Uranus mod.
-Fill the entire upper with frog lube. It pairs well with BO and patchouli.
-Cut your Buffer Spring in half. Now you have 2 buffer springs for other ANTIFA comrades.
-Reverse the Hammer Spring. Allows more thrusts per squeeze.
-Install KNS Pins and lubricate with rocksett. You don't want rods falling out of your holes.

Haha! I spit my drink out, thank you! You win the internet today!
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