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Originally Posted by ToolAA View Post
Iíve got a standard code plug I use in all handhelds. Typical Baofengs have I believe 128 programmable slots. I loosely group them as follows and print out a tiny sticker I keep taped to the inside of the battery compartment for reference if needed. I create channel abbreviations I can recognize the sticker is just a backup.

****As a precaution I block transmission in specific channels where appropriate****

First group - All FRS/GMRS/MURS frequencies

Second Group - All regional county and municipal EMS/Dispatch.

Third Group - National call frequency plus federal FEMA frequencies but Iíve never once heard any traffic here.

Fourth Group - Local TV stations. I can pickup WJZ all the time but sometimes WBAL. I have DC affiliates programmed too.

Fifth Group - Local Repeaters

Sixth Group - Regional NOAA frequencies.

There have been a few times Iíve gone on vacation and Iíve created special code plugs for those areas if we were going to be there for a while.

I was going to share my example with the into class.
I do that with mobiles, but it hurts my brain to put that much into an HT. Probably because I have other radios that are easier to recall more channels.

I've received audio on 3 broadcast channels near Annapolis, but haven't identified what each is
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