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God bless both of your new enlistees and your entire family, Chad.
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Congrats and Respect

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Congratulations to you and your son, Chad!

Thanks for raising him right - and to Chad the younger, for your oath and service.
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Congratulations Chad for having a couple great kids!

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There can never be too many grunts in this world. You should be proud. Congratulations!

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Congratulations Chad and to Jr. You sir, have a lot to be proud of!

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Our experience over the past 5 months has been difficult to say the least. Having a recruiter look me in the eyes and tell me that my son's paperwork was completely missing. Telling me that MEPS was being remodeled and that many, many recruits files had been misplaced during construction. Telling me that he wasn't able to access the files on the computer. As a mother it's bittersweet watching your children spread their wings. On one hand my heart is full of pride but on the other hand I can't help but worry about him being placed in harm's way. I'm handing my child over to the US Army. I am trusting them with his life. This experience has not helped build my confidence. However our pride in our son outweighs all of that. Little Chad has wanted to be a soldier since he was in 3rd grade. He has immense pride and respect for our country. He truly has a heart for military service. Therefore, as his mother I am able to put aside the new doubts and fears that this experience has stirred up and do everything in my power to help him achieve his lifelong goal. I have the utmost respect for all Military Servicemen and for all Military Branches. This experience has not swayed my pride or loyalty in the US Army.

The question now, What do I call myself? Army Mom? Navy Mom? Army/Navy Mom? Navy/Army Mom!!! Oh! And who do we root for during the ARMY/NAVY game?!
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Congrats Clandestine and Crazybird, you've really got some great kids (who we've occasionally met through SOTAR classes). Chad Jr seems to have gotten his hair in order ahead of time. We all wish him the best in basic and his progression in the Army defending the many freedoms that we are blessed with in this great country.

Post nubes, lux
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