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Readjusting Milling for RMR

I'm relatively new to the pistol red dot game.

On a whim, I picked up a Sig Sauer Xcarry, which comes pre-milled for their Romeo1 red dot; I thought it would be a great defensive CCW pistol. I wanted a red dot that would be durable enough for carry and a long battery life, so I went with a RMR type 2. I used the only plate currently available for the Xcarry/RMR combo, and it sits really high on the slide. It feels way high when shooting (maybe that's normal? I don't know.)

I've ordered an extra high front sight, hoping that would help with indexing. If that doesn't make it better, could I do something like below, to remove the plate altogether? (it was easier to illustrate than explain) Can you think of a reason why it wouldn't work, if I found a good gunsmith/machine shop to handle it?

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