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Newbie boating question

So my wife & I are getting our first boat. (Well sorta - a decade or so back we bought a small inflatable (dingy) but it was under-powered for what we wanted to do and we never got to use it as we planned.) We pick up the (brand new) boat Friday afternoon.

So here's my question. I'm of course getting insurance for the boat with Allstate. They offer $1,0000 for emergency services as part of their basic package, but for an additional $10 a year more will bump it up to $3,000 per incident.

Yeah, I know, it's only $10 a year, but in reality would I ever use more than $1,000 for emergency services (e.g. towing, etc.)? It's nice to say "more is always better" and of course it is, but then where do you stop? Three grand? Five grand? Ten? No point in getting silly or over-buying.

Oh I should hasten to add this is a 20' pleasure boat (pontoon) and we're only planning to stay in the tributaries of the bay or hug the coast along the upper portion of the bay. Yeah, I'm not taking it out in the deep water or the lower portions of the bay. This is a close-to-shore putzing along boat: fishing, swimming, and just being lazy out on the water.

Thoughts from those of you more experienced in this than me? (That's not hard.) Thanks.
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