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Originally Posted by Raineman View Post
Thanks ToolAA. Man that stuff is heavy. I loaded 10 of them on my little yard cart and took it around to my shed. My ground is so saturated, I tore up my yard...lol. I unloaded the rest onto boards in my parking spot.

The Mrs. got home and said, "You done my kitchen yet?".

Looks like I'll be able to do the kitchen, foyer, and 1/2 bath with it. Only 2 pieces were broken, and I should be able to still use those pieces.

Awesome. Good to meet you. Sorry I didnít have any time to chat.

Im glad they went to a good home. I know what you mean about moving them. I did my own basement about 800sf of ceramic tile. Getting then into the house was harder than actually laying the floor.

Post a pic when done.
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