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Dukes Defense
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19 July Utah Concealed Firearm Permit and Maryland HQL class

Click on the following link to register: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/19-jul-...ts-12078630509

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Utah Concealed Firearm Permit and Maryland HQL class Saturday from 08:30am-2:00pm at Bollinger Gunsmithing & Sales located in Taneytown, MD.

Maryland "Wear & Carry" concealed license renewals can be completed at this class

Utah CFP Module Only $99.00 We accept Visa/MasterCard/Discover (module includes Virginia if needed or wanted. Save $15.00 and add Florida for only $50.00 more)

Maryland HQL Module $149.00 We accept Visa/MasterCard/Discover (Maryland HQL training includes Utah, Virginia and Florida concealed training if needed or wanted)

Maryland Wear & Carry Renewal Module $225.00 We accept Visa/MasterCard/Discover (module includes review of Maryland Laws and application and Utah, Virginia and Florida concealed carry training if needed or wanted)

Seating is limited so Pre-registration is required. Our classes meet the requirements for an individual to apply for a Non-Resident Florida Concealed Handgun License, Virginia Concealed Handgun Permit and Arizona Concealed Handgun Permit. Complete Florida application packets with fingerprint card are available and we can notarize your application. Please note this is not a Maryland concealed "wear and carry" course. The Maryland Handgun Qualification License course is a firearm safety and orientation only class. The only item you need to bring to class with you is your driver's license and a notepad if you your would like to take notes. We provide everything needed to complete your Maryland HQL or Florida applications except for fingerprints and the state application fees which are paid directly to each state. Arizona packets and fingerprints cards are available from Arizona.

The MD class modules will cover all of the required Maryland HQL topics to include:

The Firearm’s Safety Training Course, for the Handgun Qualification License (HQL), shall consist of a minimum of four (4) hours of instruction and affirms the applicant’s safe operation of the firearm which requires firing at least one round of ammunition. The H.Q.L. course syllabus that we have prepared satisfies the basic requirements as stated by SB281 and as implemented by the MSP.

Firearm’s Safety Training Courses for the Maryland Handgun Qualification License must include instruction on:

1) State’s Firearm Law – All courses must include an overview of the State’s firearm laws, including a discussion regarding what constitutes a regulated firearm, how to properly purchase or transfer a firearm, where applicants are permitted to carry or transport a firearm, when it is necessary to possess a wear and carry permit, and who is prohibited from possessing firearms.

2) Home Firearm Safety - All courses must include an overview of handgun and firearm safety in the home, including a discussion regarding access to minors, locking and storing of firearms, and the proper use of safety devices, to include lock boxes and safes.

3) Handgun Mechanisms and Operation - All courses must include the firing of at least one (1) round of ammunition, an overview of the proper operation and safe handling of a handgun, including cleaning and maintenance, the loading and unloading of ammunition, and the differences between revolvers and semi-automatic handguns.

To register click on the following Link. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/19-jul-...ts-12078630509

Dukes Defense

U.S. Army (Retired) Senior Master Trainer/MFF JM
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