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Arex Rex Zero 1-S ***LINK ADDED***

Arex Rex Zero 1-S

I was wondering what you folks thought of this gun. I was thinking about bringing in a batch but I thought I would see if any interest was out there. Price would be about $590.

The gun that outlasted the Sig Legion P226 in a torture test.


Recent Articles regarding the Rex Zero 1



The Rex Zero 1S is one of the highest quality pistols and best values in today’s handgun market. The Rex is an all metal, hammer fired pistol that has passed extensive Slovenian military/NATO based tests, and has a lifetime warranty. The Rex allows the user to operate the gun in their choice of modes; either DA/SA or SAO. AREX is an ISO90001 certified company. Their expertise shows in the exceptional fit and finish of this gun. The frame is T7075-T6 aluminum with full-length slide rails, dust cover picatinny rail, ambi-safeties, and ambi-magazine releases. The slide is cut from solid bar stock, coated to protect against wear and corrosion, and has forward cocking serrations. The steel sights can be replaced with any after-market dovetail sights. AREX makes their own magazines, and they are of superb quality. They contain a unique progressive rate spring, are easy to disassemble for cleaning, are coated inside and out for corrosion resistance, and the spring is attached to the follower (can be removed).

Caliber: 9mm Luger (9x19mm)
Operating Principle: Short recoil
Action Type: Modified Browning linkless locking system
Trigger System: Single- and Double-action, Hammer fired
Length: 7.7 in / 195 mm
Barrel Length: 4.3 in / 108 mm
Height: 5.7 in / 144 mm
Width (slide): 0.98 in / 25 mm
Width (frame): 1.1 in / 27 mm
Width (safety levers): 1.46 in / 37 mm
Weight (without magazine) 29 oz / 826 g
Weight (empty magazine) 3 oz / 85 g
Magazine Capacity 17
Trigger Pull SA 5.5 lb / 2,5 kg
Trigger Pull DA 13 lb / 6,0 kg
Trigger Travel DA 0.5 in / 13 mm
Reset Travel SA 0.16 in / 4 mm
Barrel Profile/Twist 6 grooves, right-hand twist
Barrel Twist Rate 9.8 in / 250 mm

Here is the link to order:

Attached Images

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I'd be interested in a FDE version. Of course, my bank account when they come in needs to agree with me as well
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Here's a good article on this pistol. It would seem to be a good design.


Jim Smith

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Old February 12th, 2017, 10:34 PM   #4
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I'd also be very interested in this.
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What about the compact model?

I love Berettas....CZs....Kimbers....Walthers....STIs.... and many more!

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I would be interested in the compact model as well.
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Group buy?

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If I was in the market for a 220 type pistol, I would 100% buy this over a US made sig.

Stop negassing me!!!!

If it's Czech and it's military, it's Cool!!
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I'd have to suck it up and get my HQL but this could be worth it...
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Just received my first shipment of these in. I will have them on the site soon. I will check the compact model.
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