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RookieGoons RookieGoons is offline
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RookieGoons RookieGoons is offline
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Join Date: Nov 2018
Posts: 4
12 Gauge: Triple Seven or APP?

Hello everyone,

My friends and I are having a big get together this coming memorial day, and I decided to do something a little Special.

I have a CAI PW87, and I want to make 50 or so Black powder slugs for it to eat up. I bought some .715 550 grain round balls from Track of the Wolf, and I'm getting ready to do some initial tests to see what loads work best.

The only two powders I currently have are APP fffg, and Triple seven, fffg.

I read on other forums that APP powder is fine for shotguns, but haven't found
anything conclusive on how fffg Triple seven would do.

What load of fffg Triple seven is safe in modern shotguns?

This is what loads I thought I'd use

80 grains APP, fffg, .715 Roundball

65 grains Triple seven fffg, .715 Roundball

Any advice is appreciated!

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