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Another new toy from GC!

I can't say anything that hasn't already been said about the Gun Connection family. They are truly a genuine and amazing group of people. I have purchased every single NEW firearm I own from them since purchasing my first one from them 2 years ago . Not only have they given me the best price but more importantly, they have always treated me with respect and kindness. I have never felt more welcomed in any other establishment (gun related or not). Anyway, here is my new Beretta 92A1. Looking forward to taking it out this weekend. Thanks Dan, Shawn, and Harry.
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Woo! Niiiiice.
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Thank you MD-Goodbye
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Thanks for the Business!!!
Nice gun!

Gun Connection, LLC
Dan Kaminkow II
11433 Pulaski Hwy.,Unit#3
White Marsh, MD 21162
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Still dont know anything
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Arg... I want it...
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love me some beretta's!


Have you written to your representatives lately?

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Very nice.


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