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Went to BSR for a Carbine class

I've been to a lot of places over the years for firearms training, mostly carbine. My buddy and I stumbled on BSR after picking up brochures at a Chantilly show a while back. I wasn't sure what to expect and I really had no expectations.

We took a 2 day Carbine class, that included lot of pistol work as well. His 19 year old son, who had limited firearms experience took the class as well. I was very pleased to find the training was excellent, and our instructor, Larry, was experienced, humble, and a solid instructor. I highly recommend anyone in the DMV area looking for good training check out BSR in Summit Point, WV. It was just barely an hour from Hagerstown.

Within the 2 day class, we did weapon malfunctions (clearing with both hands, strong hand only, and only support hand...good stuff to know), shooting on the move, both forward/backwards and laterally, facing and turning maneuvers, a little distance shooting (we went out to 300 yards), transitioning from rifle to pistol, mastering malfunctions, etc..... I cant say enough about the place. PM me if you got any questions, Pete.
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