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welcome to the hotel California

Originally Posted by jlowe23 View Post
Some of you have noticed I have been posting up some deals lately. I have made a decision to do a “soft” relaunch of my website. I just could not walk fully away as I had intended to do. Please do not view this as a “reopening” as I have changed the way the business will operate. My new business model will be focused on online sales with shipping to your local FFL. For those local enough to come by and pick up I will arrange for that to happen within the guidelines of my new set hours (see website).

The good news is that I have greatly expanded my product line so I will now have thousands of line items available for purchase on the new website. Duck decoys, Tree Stands, Crossbows, optics, and most anything else firearm/hunting related. And everything at the JLowe’s Guns prices you have come to expect. All of the non-serialized items will be shipped directly to your home address with no need to come to the shop.

To see the full line simply click on "New Inventory" at the top of the JLowe's Guns page.

I look forward to serving the MDS community once again!


you can check out but never leave nice to see you back..
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