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Any opportunities welcomed.

Richard Speakman
Sr. Biochemist
Rising Sun, MD 21911 - 410-441-4961
Authorized to work in the US for any employer
Sr. Biochemist
SIEMENS - Glasgow, DE - 2007 to 2016
Researched, developed and commercialized electrolyte sensors and fluidics for both Vista® and Atellica®
clinical analyzers. Performed all testing associated with successful 510K submission to FDA subsequently
transferring knowledge to manufacturing.
• Performed six sigma experiments optimizing a superior epoxy chloride membrane.
• Demonstrated feasibility which resulted in securing project funding for sensor enhancement program.
• Organized and directed technician efforts to accomplish clinical testing in adherence of ISO9001
• Performed patient sample correlations, interference, ANOVA and stability testing.
• Accomplished successful 510K product submission for both sensor systems.
• Bonded for clearance handling controlled substances
DADE BEHRING - Glasgow, DE - 2002 to 2007
Initiated concept for replacing current OEM electrolyte detection system with a planar disposable ceramic
based electrolyte sensor.
• Personally prepared concept electrolyte polymer membranes screen printing onto ceramic substrates
demonstrating product feasibility.
• Optimized, and developed, polymer matrices for sodium, potassium and chloride membranes for clinical
• Performed all testing related to 510K submission for FDA.
• Successfully commercialized both MultiPLY® and QuickLYTE® sensors utilized on the Dimension® clinical
Richard A. Speakman 410-441-4961
• Designed, and managed, field evaluations for Solid State Metabolite project at Milford Memorial Hospital,
DuPont, Glasgow, Delaware, Technologist
AA in Chemistry
Delaware Technical & Community College

FFL03 - Curios & Relics
MD Designated Collector
Member Garand Collectors Assoc.
WW2 Militaria Collector

NRA Member
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