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SB0281/HB0294 - Firearm Safety Act of 2013 (aka, AWB)


Ladies and gents, welcome to the main event. This is the bill Governor O'Malley told us about, and we need to fight it.

The text of this bill is up, and the bill can be found here:

Direct link to text:

The House version appears identical to the Senate version as of the first reading. Remember that for this bill to become law, it needs to be passed by both the House and the Senate.

The hearing for the Senate version of the bill will be held on February 6th. There is a thread on this elsewhere:

Curious if your gun would be banned? There are flow charts for you to use:

Highlights of the bill:
1. Guns will be grandfathered, but need to be registered.
2. Magazines are the same as before, just lowered to 10rds.
3. Muzzle brakes, comps, and threaded barrels are not banned features on rifles (but you would not be able to mount a suppressor, as it's a flash hider).
4. Pump and bolt guns are exempted.
5. Threaded barrels on pistols are banned, but only if they can be used for a muzzle device (aka, doesn't ban non-threaded-barrel P22s by accident).
6. Restrictions on semi-auto shotguns are surprisingly light (folding/telescoping stock + PG is the only thing banned).
7. Everything on the current regulated long arms list is banned, including their copies.
8. Inheritance is in!
9. Rimfire rifles are not included, but rimfire pistols are included.
10. Bullet buttons seem to be addressed, but the language is bizarre and unclear.
11. Carry permits require 16h training.
12. Handgun permits require 8h training (or a carry permit), background check, and $100 every five years.
13. Much more flexibility for prohibiting individuals from ownership on mental health issues.
14. "Good and substantial reason" language for carry permits is still present.
15. Bans possession of ammunition if you would be prohibited from owning a regulated firearm (which includes people under 21).

Please feel free to read the bill and email the senators who are 1) in the judicial committee and 2) sponsoring this bill. We want them to see well-crafted arguments about specifics of the bill. DO NOT DISCUSS PERCEIVED LOOPHOLES IN THIS BILL. As always, listen to MSI for instructions.

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