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    1. Moonlighter

      Swiss Army...errrrr.....Tools? For example, increasing concern over the prevalence of knife crime means that the British government is considering new legislation on bladed articles, and Elsener himself referenced the country’s rules. “In...
    2. Moonlighter

      In the Slower, it takes 5+ DUI to even get noticed!

      These mug shots are a painful reminder of what drugs and alcohol addiction does to people. If I had kids I'd tell them "If you want to totally wreck your lives and end up dead or in prison, get involved with drugs/alcohol" on a daily basis.
    3. Moonlighter

      All Bird Hunters Must Read

      :lol2: :lol:
    4. Moonlighter

      MoCo School - Tranny Shooting Plot Foiled

      I'm very thankful this complete ******** plan was thwarted. Excellent work by MCPD!!
    5. Moonlighter

      Going rate for Glock 17

      IMO, Glocks are ugly but they make up for it with their ridiculous reliability and level of function. I wouldn't hesitate to buy a used Glock. Parts availability and the vast amount of knowledge and experience available in local gun shops or online (like MDS) should make keeping the gun...
    6. Moonlighter

      Going rate for Glock 17

      $500 - $600
    7. Moonlighter

      Live in Md and looking for good places to buy used OU 12 shotgun for Clay Sports

      Stupid question, really stupid. Can a MD resident buy a shotgun in PA and take it home or is it FFL to FFL still? I've never owned a shotgun but I know I should already know this. lol
    8. Moonlighter

      Accepted a new job!

      Congrats on the new gig. When I'm ready to house hunt and escape Monkey County, I'll be reaching out (not to be confused with reach around. Ever.).
    9. Moonlighter

      Folding bicycles

      Couldn't spring for some pedals, ya cheap skate? :toothless
    10. Moonlighter

      visited Gettysburg yesterday

    11. Moonlighter

      A $5000 shotgun?

      Been considering getting into trap shooting. Is there a particular gun shop that carries a lot of O/U shotguns so I can at least get a feel for what's what? Looks like Cabela's would be one place to start with, any other stores recommended?
    12. Moonlighter

      Greetings from a Noob to the Community

      Welcome to MDS, glad you're here. This is a great place to learn about firearms and every other topic under the Sun. It will also be helpful to you in converting any available cash you have into ammo and firearms.
    13. Moonlighter

      Ruger customer service

      I've previously sent my GP100 back to them for a minor issue. It was returned in a few days, no charge, fixed, with a free hat. Small gesture on their part, imbedded a lot of loyalty to Ruger in me. Even if I never need their customer support again it's nice to know it's there and they'll...
    14. Moonlighter

      Beretta 92S

      The 92FS was my first firearm. It's been flawless but I'm more accurate with other pistols for some reason. Not a Beretta fan boi but it's definitely a brand that I trust to put out quality firearms.
    15. Moonlighter

      NRA Loses Corruption Case, LaPierre to Repay Millions

      The NRA took millions of dollars from hard-working folks and, while they've done a lot of good things, greed got the best of some of them. As I've stated before, I used to work for Bell Atlantic and the NRA HQ was one of the places we serviced. It was only outdone by the Saudi embassy in terms...
    16. Moonlighter

      New EDC

      I bought a G43X and after a few range trips I'm not that excited about how accurate I am wiffit. I'm pretty good with a G17 and have put Apex triggers in both. Maybe I need more G43X range time or maybe I need a Sig P365. :lol2:
    17. Moonlighter

      Gun cleaning sucks!

      There's no better smell in the world than Cosmoline cooking off the brand new motorcycle you just bought.
    18. Moonlighter


      LOL I actually thought about you when I wrote my post, trying to avoid your WTF response. :lol2:
    19. Moonlighter


      This. One of my biggest fears when taking new shooters to the range is that they'll turn around with the pistol and sweep everything. I tell them that they need to think there's a deadly laser coming out of the barrel ALL the time. Giving new shooters a long list of don'ts can be overwhelming...
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