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      .22 LR Hollow Point. Why?

      Groundhog "Free Fire" Zone? Haha!
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      .22 LR Hollow Point. Why?

      I haven't bothered much with HV or HV hollowpoint stuff in decades. I'm rather an accuracy purist, and when hunting will only take a head shot or no shot at all. To that end premium target ammo gets the nod, and kills them dead. Case in point: our backyard/garden is regularly invaded by...
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      30-40 krag ammunition

      But, Krag barrels weren't marked as such in any way, right? Can Krag barrels still be had from Criterion?
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      30-40 krag ammunition

      I started shooting Krags as a teenager in the late 60's. Back then you could still buy cheap old Army surplus Krag ammo at the local gunshows, for a couple dollars per hundred. Shot a hellacious amount of stuff that fetches big bucks on the collector market now. Oh well, c'est la vie. As time...
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      1903 D&T for Earle Blocks

      Did one myself a couple years ago.
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      Feedback posted by noahhh on Darkemp

      Great guy to deal with. Smooth transaction.
    7. Primers For Sale / Rifle & Pistol

      Question by 'noahhh' on classified ad 'Primers For Sale / Rifle & Pistol'

      Status of the Remington 6 1/2's?
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      Frederick MD Gun show January 28-29 2023

      Complete waste of my time + $8 entry fee. If you're into black guns, milsurps, and candy/jerky it was swell, but if you collect vintage stuff and were looking for handloading supplies, not so much. Don't think I'll go back.
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      New C&R holder, what should I buy first?

      You know your C&R is good for a whole world of stuff beyond just milsurps, right? I've bought around 20 guns with mine so far and not one was a milsurp of any sort. Expand your horizons and maybe settle on something you can afford that may require a little TLC on your part - it's one way to snag...
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      1903 Special Target

      Very interesting! Thank you for sharing.
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      Need help with Deer hunting selection

      But, it's all for naught once the first shots are fired on opening day - the deer know what that means and hightail it to The Deer Cave where they hang out drinking beer and playing cards until the season's over. That's why there's no deer to be seen on the Saturday after Thanksgiving when the...
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      Irons = Fail!

      It's the poor workman who blames his tools....
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      Biden does it again! State Dept. Bans Russian Guns and Ammo

      This whole ramification of infringement on 2A rights disturbs me to my core, truly. But on a personal level it'll effect me like this: I don't own or shoot an AK, Saiga, or SKS, etc. - I have no use or desire for them. I don't buy factory ammo of any kind (except .22RF stuff), and haven't since...
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      Black powder ?

      Ft. Chambers Gun Shop in Chambersburg,PA is another well stocked black powder shop to keep in mind for future reference.
    15. N

      Another Fake 03 sniper rifle

      Here's one I built a couple years ago. A Bridgeport mill makes hole location and drilling/tapping a snap, as well as cutting the handguard clearance. '03 nickel steel receiver and bolt, Criterion barrel, wartime Keystone replacement C stock, Unertl 8x (note USMC Sniper Unertls didn't...
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      Any m1917 or 1903 loaders in here?

      Been discontinued for several years now. It still pops up in estate sales and the dusty back rooms of out of the way gun shops.
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      Any m1917 or 1903 loaders in here?

      An area I've had about 50 years experience in: downloading .30-06's. Here's a synopsis. 1. Backyard plinker - 155 grain plain base cast bullet, 6-8gr. Red Dot or Bullseye. Good for out to 100 yards of pure unadulterated fun. (Don't substitute a 150 jacketed bullet for you might stick one in the...
    18. N

      slug the barrel

      Never grind a point in a rod to drive a bullet out of a barrel. That does nothing more than act as a wedge in the lead, expanding it even tighter into the rifling.
    19. N

      slug the barrel

      Yep. What you want to determine is your throat diameter anyway, for sizing cast bullets. Forget groove diameter. Seriously. That old bit of folklore simply refuses to die. Size your bullet about a half-thou under throat diameter. The whole idea is to cork the bore up tight with the bullet, right...
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      Is it worth the effort? SMLE MK 111 rebirth

      I would put it away and begin keeping my eyes open for a barrel. I betcha a No.1 MkIII barrel will turn up sooner or later. Watch eBay and GB. In the meantime you can round up new wood, and the furniture that goes on it. (Why are people now erroneously calling stocks "furniture"? Furniture is...
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