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      My renewal email came today, renewal was submitted on Jan 27th, HQL was to expire on April 28th
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      SP5 Modifications for SBR?

      I may be interested in one
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      K31 lookup

      I believe my stock was dated 4 years prior to my rifles serial number, rifle sn# dates it to 1946, stock is stamped III 42. Believe it to be the correct stock because it is stamped with the rifles sn# in the barrel channel And all other found #s are matching. Matching troop tag also.
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      Benelli M4 clones. (Turknelli M4)

      If you are looking for a wood stock for it ClassicFirearms has them for $60, PSA has them for $70
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      Making rifle into SBR questions

      After it is cut and threaded, will you still be able to load it, will there be enough clearance for the loading tube rod with a suppressor on, or are you threading it for another reason?
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      My Thoughts on The Taurus GX4

      Does anyone’s GX4 seem to tear up the magazine followers, the yellow ones mine came with are looking a little rough after very little use. Still works fine, just looks bad
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      Griffin Checkmate .22 3 lug adapters back in stock

      If anyone is still using one of the Griffin Armament Checkmate .22 suppressor with their 3 lug QD mounts and needs some more of the adapters for their firearms, Griffin now has the adapters back in stock:
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      Base AP5 just got cheaper!

      OOS now Regular AP5 is $999 today with their discount code Also currently $1099 at Atlantic for the AP5, or $999 for the AP5-M
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      Base AP5 just got cheaper!

      OOS Palmetto currently has the AP5-M for $899. ($1199 - $300 with discount code AP5 = $899)
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      Savage Mark II red dot optic suggestions.

      Bushnell TRS-25 is inexpensive (~$60) and seems to work well for a red dot, not sure how it would mount on that however.
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      P365 Best Price?

      The discount works if you are just an RSO but not an instructor?
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      SIG SAUER P365 Ammo + Mag Redemption Offer

      Mine was submitted on 8/3. Email with code from them had subject line of “Your P365 Promotion Code”
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      SSD's PTR44 / BD44 In Detail The Semi Automatic MP44

      Brand new PTR44 listed on Gunbroker now for 15k
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      SIG SAUER P365 Ammo + Mag Redemption Offer

      I got my code by email yesterday, it was for a $75 promo code, I used it towards a holster on their site. Also a hat.
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      Application Progress Tracking Thread

      My 7/22 was approved today also: Submitted: 7/10/22 Accepted: 7/22/22 NICS: 8/10/22 Approved: 8/29 22HGP-053xxx Another family member earlier: Submitted: 7/2/22 Accepted: 7/9/22 NICS: 7/23/22 Approved: 7/28 22HGP-046xxx The pace may have changed, but in the month between our permits, the...
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      Application Progress Tracking Thread

      Submitted 7/10 Accepted 7/22 NICS# 8/10
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      Base AP5 just got cheaper!

      If you bought the core and wanted some of the accessories, Atlantic is selling them now. The have also dropped the price of the spare parts kit from $80 down to $36
    18. 8

      SIG SAUER P365 Ammo + Mag Redemption Offer

      Reading the fine print it looks like it may be a $75 promo code to their store? I hope it is, that way I could get a new grip module.
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      Feedback posted by 89BSP on Squaregrouper

      Was helpful in transaction with payment options, good communication and great to deal with
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      77r under review update down a few posts

      Mine was sent back to the dealer on the 7th day because I apparently listed an industry instead of an occupation on it. No email about it, just saw it as a message on the portal. I had to resubmit it and start the 7 day wait again. Same info on it I had always used, most recently 4 months ago...
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