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    1. B

      Reply to question by 'BADSHOT' on the classified ad '55 gallon drums'

      Got some for free. Call or text tomorrow after 0800. They’re clean.
    2. B

      MD AG submits Amicus on Magazine Limits

      I guess we all will just have to get something that's belt-fed then
    3. B

      Hours this week 8/23/23

      I'll be there
    4. B

      Any recommendations on charter fishing in the bay

      Loosen up charters. Captain Frank will take care of ya
    5. B

      Mil Surplus Store?

      I miss sunnys surplus
    6. B

      75-80 Dragway

      I heard he was going on the promises of Mr Stanley taking care of things on his end. Terris just wanted to get the track opened. He originally approached the owner of Capitol but they said no.
    7. B

      75-80 Dragway

      I know what you mean I've been there also. Fortunately Mason Dixon is still up and running.
    8. B

      75-80 Dragway

      Sadly I don't think it's ever coming back
    9. B

      Barrett M107A1 .50BMG Rifle

      How much?
    10. B

      Gunsmith who is a 1911 specialist

      Thanks Mr Ed!!
    11. B

      Gunsmith who is a 1911 specialist

      I called freestate and asked for John Carduner. The woman that answered the phone said she never heard of him. Said a guy named Zach does the gunsmith work.
    12. B

      Frederick County Sheriff's Office, MD

      Well hand sanitizer smells like alcohol too :)
    13. B

      Where to buy cheap 12 gauge shells

      We get all ours from . for our turkey shoot
    14. B

      [AGC] metal target base?

      Thanks Skip I'll get one next time I'm there
    15. B

      [AGC] metal target base?

      I made a pvc base but didn't fill with sand.
    16. B

      [AGC] metal target base?

      Does the AGC still sell the target frames? I have one from 15+ years ago and it's shot
    17. B

      Current Moco carry restrictions

      Not by the licence plate directly. However if you are the registered owner... But many say no. So basically if you want to take your chances in moco then it's on you.
    18. B

      Current Moco carry restrictions

      Very interesting. The law of moco or the law of the supreme court? Do you have a link?
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