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    1. rossiski

      Which AR-15 Drop-In Trigger Group?

      I have a rise ra-535 in one of mine. 3.5 lbs. zero creep. It’s a great trigger. Lighting fast reset.
    2. rossiski

      Consignment Guns

      What caliber is the laminated stock ruger in image 1293?
    3. rossiski

      CZ 457 Varmint, or Trick Out my 10/22

      I would say CZ. I have an older tacticool model and it’s fantastic to shoot.
    4. rossiski

      Suggestions for a low powered, large objective rifle scope?

      I would suggest anything with a larger objective. I have a few scope with 50mm objectives and have no issues with low light views. It makes a big difference IMO.
    5. rossiski

      CZ 457, Bergara B14R, or....?

      A lot of great info on this thread. I picked up a used CZ tacticool that is a short heavy barrel to be used with a can. I had the trigger worked on it is my most accurate rifle and by far the most fun to shoot.
    6. rossiski

      Leupold Mark 4 HD

      I saw that Leupold has recently come out with a new line of rifle scopes. There are several different configurations and I was wondering what people have read or seen. Seems like they are finally jumping in the pool with NF and some other manufactures. For the price point they are advertising...
    7. rossiski

      Sock recommendations

      This. Darn tough makes great socks. Also the red wing lightweight merino wool are also very good.
    8. rossiski

      current ATF wait time

      Got approved yesterday. Almost 13 months
    9. rossiski

      current ATF wait time

      My eform 4 from 1/26/23 is still in process. I called this week and it’s finally made it to the background check phase. Longest I have ever waited for a can.
    10. rossiski

      Three Newbies Go 1000 Yard Shooting

      Do you need to be a member of this club to access the range? My business has one of our office locations in Georgetown and this is very very close.
    11. rossiski

      School me on 22-250

      It is one of my favorite rounds. I do not reload and twist rate has a lot to do with accuracy with a fast moving bullet like a 250. My kimber is a 14" twist and I cant go higher than 55gr. bullets. However, factory PPU Sp's or Hornady varmints shoot great out of my rifle. Very accurate out...
    12. rossiski

      SCALARWORKS Mounts/Sight packages

      There system requires no special tools in order to mount a scope square and straight. Pretty genius. Plus the click wheel mounts are easy to get off and on
    13. rossiski

      SCALARWORKS Mounts/Sight packages

      They are great mounts. Their leap 8 and 9 are great for scopes.
    14. rossiski

      Wanted Nightforce scope wanted

      Looking for a f1 nightforce scope. Could be nx8 or an ATACR. Something with more magnification than a 1-8. Looking to mount to a hunting rig for hunts out west. Let me know if you have anything. Thanks.
    15. rossiski

      Wanted Nightforce nx8 moa

      As the title mentions I am looking for a nightforce nx8 4-32x 50 f1 moa scope. Let me know if you have one to sell. Thanks.
    16. rossiski

      Wanted .280 AI

      As the title describes I am looking for a .280 ai rifle and ammo if anyone is looking to get out of the caliber. I am planning an elk hunt in a year and this is my caliber of choice. Let me know if you have anything.
    17. rossiski

      Suppressor recommendation for 223rem bolt action rifle?

      Check out silenerco harvester evo.
    18. rossiski

      Deer Firearms '23 - What's your Gun of Choice

      This is what I use as well. Have for the past 25 years. My oldest some took his first deer with it last weekend.
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