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    1. Gcs7th

      Anyone use Gorilla Ammunition or buy from their website?

      A club member had an 8.6blk from them, I was very impressed how soft it shot and how well it suppressed. Watched some videos online and the ballistics seem to be amazing. They have not tried hunting with them yet but I expect them to be very successful.
    2. Gcs7th

      Range for Kids

      I would look into joining the AGC. It’s a great range, there’s lots of good clubs to choose from, can’t think of a better place to introduce your niece to the shooting sports. You’ll need to join one of the 30+ clubs that make up the AGC before being able to shoot there...
    3. Gcs7th

      Rimfire Silhouette Shooting

      3rd Saturday of the month 1pm-5pm on the 200y range at the AGC. March - October.
    4. Gcs7th

      Rimfire Silhouette Shooting

      We just started a league at the AGC.
    5. Gcs7th

      Nice pin and weld work

      Radial delayed upper?
    6. Gcs7th

      MP5SD style upper for an AR15/M16

      Cool look but 600 for a barrel handguard and upper receiver is a bit pricey.
    7. Gcs7th

      Safe places to live in Laurel/Fulton/Columbia area?

      I’ve had coworkers stay in a hotel for a week at a time, free electricity, internet, TV and towel service plus you can rack up points. Good luck finding a room.
    8. Gcs7th


      Should do the job. Here’s some gel tests for you, looks like as long as you hit your target you shouldn’t have over penetration if you ever have to use them.
    9. Gcs7th

      BaySilah Shotguns

      My friend bought a panzer arms will post a review when we put it through its paces. Looks like it takes beretta/mobil chokes. Patents ran out as I understand that’s why there’s an influx of clones.
    10. Gcs7th

      BaySilah Shotguns

      Check the receiver and barrel thoroughly these are imported and would need the makers mark it could be really small maybe under the handguard or someplace inconspicuous. I’ve even seen markings inside receivers.
    11. Gcs7th

      LF: A Friendly with a Staccato CS

      personally that’s way too expensive for a carry gun in my opinion.
    12. Gcs7th

      BaySilah Shotguns

      Check the barrel or receiver for a makers mark. For example CZs very popular shotguns are manufactured by Huglu in Turkey. Once you figured out who actually made the firearm check here for compatibility. Also welcome to the forum.
    13. Gcs7th

      BaySilah Shotguns

      Maybe share an image of the chokes with dimensions of where the threads are may be noticeable to some of the shot gunners out there. Are there any other markings on this shotgun or barrel? We’ve been down this road once before on the forum and these are imported guns so the real question is who...
    14. Gcs7th

      Benelli M2 Field 20 Gauge 28" Barrel $1000

      It’s a great gun, highly recommend
    15. Gcs7th

      Alternative to “ignore” feature

      Reminds me of the bumper sticker I made.
    16. Gcs7th

      Anglers has P365 on sale

      Great deal on an amazing carry gun! I wouldn’t mind if Santa and his elves made one for me.
    17. Gcs7th

      It cost my Wife and I $7626.00 to legally Carry a Handgun in 44 States!

      Whats the lessons learned? If you have any articles to share I’d be interested in reading them. I find it frustrating my right to protect myself and my family is so restricted. LEOSA is the only universally recognized way to carry in some states. I find it amusing the protection details we...
    18. Gcs7th

      It cost my Wife and I $7626.00 to legally Carry a Handgun in 44 States!

      Would it be cheaper if we all bought a small town/county out west and ran our own police department?
    19. Gcs7th


      Search for nitrofire
    20. Gcs7th


      Looks like traditions and CVA makes guns that take these.
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