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      List of FFL's doing SN engraving

      Just had some lowers engraved by Alejandro, highly recommend, especially since he brings his setup to ranges/shows for your convenience.
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      I can do NFA engravings and 80% Serializing (ATF method) $45 - FFL Manufacturer based out of Finksburg, MD

      Alejandro engraved some lowers for me today, super easy process and very pleased with the results. You won't be disappointed going to him for his services, highly recommend!
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      Adjustable BCG

      I agree with the above, I'd go with an adjustable gas block. I like the Superlative Arms stuff since you can choose to go either restrictive or bleed off.
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      Finally won a gun raffle

      Only raffle I ever won the FFL had the gun in their possession and it was only a matter of getting down to them to do the transfer. Sorry to hear about your experience but hopefully it gets sorted quickly!
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      Ghost Gun Question

      The MD standard for serializations ends on 8/23/2022. That method is the only one that requires registering with MSP. The ATF standard is all that you'll be able to get on/after 8/24/2022 but does not require registration with MSP. All unserialized PMFs in Maryland will have to be serialized...
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      Lower Receiver Transfer Question

      To piggyback, if a lower with a stock is transferred, does that mean it was transferred as a rifle and thus cannot have the stock removed and replaced with a brace? Or if an upper was never pinned on, then a brace could be fitted and then it's magically a pistol?
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      Serial numbers for 80%

      Not sure about its registration status with the ATF, but "the manufacturer or importer making the markings must enter the firearm into its A&D books." (Again, per the language on So it's traceable in that capacity, but I haven't seen anything specifically regarding...
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      Serial numbers for 80% If you read the first section of the serialization options, you'll see that a frame/receiver marked with the ATF method "need not be registered with the Maryland State Police."
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      List of FFL's doing SN engraving

      You still have until March 1, 2023 to get PMFs serialized, at such a time the MD bills will ban the mere possession of every unserialized firearm or unfinished frame or receiver. More info found here: The...
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      List of FFL's doing SN engraving

      Haven't seen this mentioned before and wondered if anyone else is aware of this / has heard it, but I called Engage Armament in Rockville and they said that currently they can't accept 80%'s due to a MoCo law that forbids the transportation of said 80%'s within the county. The guy I spoke to...
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      SMITH & WESSON Porn

      S&M M&P 2.0 Performance Center 5" with ported barrel Added on some Dawson Precision fiber optic sights, TLR1-HL, Timney Alpha trigger, and a magwell and +6 base pads from Floyds Custom Shop Shoots like a dream :)
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      Finishing an 80 lower

      ATF made a ruling that basically stipulates that you can't use the tooling from a business, whether a licensed manufacturer or not. Basically so that machines shops can't set up mills to have people come in and finish 80% lowers themselves. Thus the "manufacturer" of the receiver (you in this...
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      LWRC DI 9 Tooth Barrel Nut Wrench

      You've worked on many LW rifles specifically? If so there's a chance you and I know each other without knowing it haha. And you're right, the right punch and a big hammer definitely works, but since the taper pins are pressed from the factory, that's why I said it takes a press. Also quite...
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      Another lurker here

      Hey all, been lurking around these forums for a little bit and realized I never introduced myself. So, greetings from Baltimore and I look forward to becoming more active on here going forward.
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      LWRC DI 9 Tooth Barrel Nut Wrench

      Sent you a PM. There are several things you should know about rebarreling an LW. First, the alignment pin is proprietary, it's domed on the top instead of squared off. You'll have to take a dremel and knock off the corners so the new barrel will seat into the upper. Secondly, you'll need to...
    16. LEE and RCBS Reloading Dies All NEW

      Question by '' on classified ad 'LEE and RCBS Reloading Dies All NEW'

      Hello, are selling these individually? I'm interested in the 9mm and 300blk dies. Thanks
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