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    1. Remington 742 BDL 30/06

      For sale Remington 742 BDL 30/06

      Very nice early 742 BDL Remington 30/06 with scope Early production has aluminum buttplate Used. But cosmetically and mechanical very very good condition
    2. R

      Feedback posted by rnj66 on trailtoy

      Very easy and primt exchange
    3. R

      Outdoor ranges near Keyser

      Fort Hill club just east Cumberland has up to 600 yard NRA range facilities
    4. Winchester 94 30/30 Comemoratives

      For sale Winchester 94 30/30 Comemoratives

      I have 2 Model 94 Winchester 30/30 Commemoratives 1- Top in picture 1976 Bicentennial new unfired condition, Engraved side plates, medallion in the stock, $750 2- bottom in picture, 1968 Illionois Sequential , Gold plated loading port, trigger, butt plate, engraved side plates , in new...
    5. Winchester Super X1 Trap

      For sale Winchester Super X1 Trap

      I have a New in Box Winchester Super X1 , Trap, 12ga semi auto. 30 inch vent ribbed . 1972?? Early presentation or Pre production 3 digit serial #.
    6. Scar 16s

      For sale Scar 16s

      16s Scar .556 Not original owner, but appears as new. Asking $2250 Western MD Grantsville
    7. R

      Any way for MD resident to take an AR-15 into DE?

      I understand completely. But me personally. I'd drive 4 hours in a "safe" state and be compliant bfore I'd travel into a state that doesn't want me or my hobby. Unfortunately. The clubs in that state suffer. But I'd be a no risk. And as we all know..Each and every state law if you get in a...
    8. R

      Any way for MD resident to take an AR-15 into DE?

      One would think. That unless your brandishing the firearm openly in public view? And transport in a proper case. Who or how would anyone know you have one. And once at the range, if they are allowed to be used? It's kinda like having a expired driver's license..if you don't do something...
    9. R

      52 winchesters 8

      Lapua Center X at 50 yards off front grizzly rest and rear bag gets 5 shot groups like these with my 52Ds and 36x Unertl
    10. R

      52 winchesters 8

    11. R

      52 winchesters 8

      Hmmm That's odd. Or mayb just not it's preferred ammo. I'll put any of my 52s against any factory or custom CZ 7 days a week off the bench and already know the results of the winner. Over time, it's possible the stock shrinkage had the action a lil loose causing the issue.
    12. R

      52 winchesters 8

    13. R

      52 winchesters 8

      Could b I'd be tryin lol A D and B? 2 for 1?
    14. R

      52 winchesters 8

      Nice piece. There's lots of 52s out there still being used. But there's more hidden away in "collections " that nobody will see or enjoy till that owner passes.
    15. R

      52 winchesters 8

      Had or shot wm all. Without a doubt world class
    16. R

      52 winchesters 8

      The early preA or A have a strong military 1920s style and feel trigger. The B has a improved "speedlock" trigger realistically without modification, 2lb minimum, as well as the beefier marksman style stock on the heavy barrel version but still has barrel band from the forearm around the...
    17. R

      52 winchesters 8

      Nice find with the C. You can't hurt em. And a barrel swap or a original extra to shorten and stock if necessary won't hurt for nrl game. They out perform any vudoo or rimx or cz. And were designed to compete. For generations lol.
    18. R

      52 winchesters 8

      Both are quite capable especially against any modern production 22s I guess 52s n 40x go hand in hand in a collection
    19. R

      Unertl, has anybody made moa reticle for one

      Yes My Redfield Internationals sites work great at 1/8" per click at 100.. By my eyesight now days lol I need a BIG target lol My Unertls, especially my 36x make easy work of 200-300 yard targets
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