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    1. S&W Model 66 no dash (4" barrel)

      For sale S&W Model 66 no dash (4" barrel)

      This is the earliest configuration of the model 66 with the all stainless steel front and rear sights. Guns in really nice condition both cosmetically and mechanically. It has a beautiful set of Goncalo Alves "football" target stocks. The wood has a few minor dings, but the grain is beautiful...
    2. P

      Smith J-frame....anyone pocket carrying?

      It's rough side out leather and the holster will hook on the inside of a pants pocket, so between the two, it stays put.. The holster does not "grab" the gun, but hold it securely. Not a great set up for tighter pants, but works great in looser clothing or jacket pockets, and does not print. The...
    3. P

      Smith J-frame....anyone pocket carrying?

      IMO, a terrific pocket carry combo, 649-2 in a Galco horsehide pocket holster.
    4. P

      CZ Shadow 2 Compact

      I came late to the CZ game, but this 75BD Police that's been massaged by CGW is a terrific shooter.
    5. P

      Kimber K6 series revolvers?

      I have handled one, but have never fired one. As a very experienced revolver shooter and collector, my review based on that very limited experience would be "not bad". I do think they're pretty pricey.
    6. P

      Sexy Beast of Bling

      Lipstick on a pig.
    7. S&W Model of 1905, 3rd Change (.38 Special)

      Reply to question by 'python' on the classified ad 'S&W Model of 1905, 3rd Change (.38 Special)'

      Because I want a paper trail between FFL's. By doing so, I am fully protected under the law. Once an FFL has a gun on their books, they own it and I bear no responsibility for it.
    8. P

      Ruger LCP II 380 Reliability Issues?

      You think that thing won't print in your pocket?
    9. P

      Ruger LCP II 380 Reliability Issues?

      Good luck with that.
    10. P

      Ruger LCP II 380 Reliability Issues?

      You don't want a pocket holster that the gun snaps into. You may think that hook will hold the holster when drawing the gun, but it may not. This Galco holds the gun, but does not grip it. It's made of rough side out horsehide, so it stays put in the pocket.
    11. P

      Smith and Wesson education request: Model 27 vs M1917 vs 38/44

      1917 prices are all over place. There is no basis for pricing based on that assumption. Judge each gun on its own merits. Brazilians are generally less desirable than the military guns. They will usually cost less, but will shoot as well as the USA model. S&W started using MIM parts in 1997...
    12. P

      Smith and Wesson education request: Model 27 vs M1917 vs 38/44

      I could literally write you a book on what you're asking. 1. If you're looking for a shooter grade 1917, the Brazilians can generally be had for the least amount of money. Most are not pretty, but are decent shooters. You need to know how to evaluate a revolver for mechanical condition. The...
    13. P

      Revolver porn thread.

      At the range today with this Model 1955. I'm a huge fan of 45acp revolvers, owning more of them than semi-auto pistols in that caliber. Shooting with moonclips helps with the fun. This example was born in1956.
    14. P

      Benelli Quality Control Very Disappointing what say you?

      Kinda funny that I once paid a small fortune for a set of revolver stocks made from spalted maple. Spalting is caused by a fungus, but at least there were no knots.
    15. P

      Sig sauer P238

      Probably, but that's what makes the world go 'round.
    16. P

      Sig sauer P238

      Plus one on that, but that's a whole other debate.
    17. P

      Sig sauer P238

      I agree, but the caliber can be the trump card.
    18. P

      Sig sauer P238

      That's not what was said. The point was that any caliber can get the job done, and some are just better than others. You need to give up.
    19. P

      Sig sauer P238

      You're grasping at straws. Of course 380 can get the job done, so can 22lr. Your hyperbole is meaningless. I provided you with real data. The numbers are there to prove the point.
    20. P

      Sig sauer P238

      Certainly both can do the job, but in a pure ballistics comparison the 9mm is a superior cartridge. Of course you are entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts.
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