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    1. CMP Service Grade M1

      Question by '1FastSS' on classified ad 'CMP Service Grade M1'

      What manufacturer is on the receiver
    2. S&W 686 no dash 357 Mag

      Reply to question by '1FastSS' on the classified ad 'S&W 686 no dash 357 Mag'

      CAUTION:: seems like a scam. Seller in Texas and wants Zelle payment
    3. 1

      Feedback posted by 1FastSS on Bullfrog

      Great communication, easy to deal with!
    4. Ammo: 5.7 and 40 HP

      For sale Ammo: 5.7 and 40 HP

      Have some ammo that I no longer need. 7 boxes of 5.7 ammo, only 4 of them are full. Others are partials. I can get an exact rounds count. $35 per full box. And if you buy it all I’ll throw the partials in. 40 cal- have several hundred rounds. Mostly HP. Will do 1.25 a round per box. If...
    5. 1

      Feedback posted by 1FastSS on Decoy

      Great buyer, paid fast, no issues :thumbsup:
    6. 1

      Feedback posted by 1FastSS on Brownl345

      Great communication; convenient transaction; great guy I would not hesitate to do business with this gentleman again.
    7. 1

      Feedback posted by 1FastSS on Meditator

      Good transaction Met Brandon for the upper today. No issue at all. Deal with confidence.
    8. 1

      Feedback posted by 1FastSS on Oldcarjunkie

      Easy Transaction, thanks again I hope you enjoy the Mossberg 44 U.S, great gun and piece of history.
    9. 1

      The Official Precision Bolt Gun Picture Thread

      Very nice gun. Very curious to see how well it shoots. I just picked up a 16.5 in 308. Haven't had a chance to shoot it yet, hopefully next week. Ive only done a EGW mount, Burris Rings and Nikon Prostaff 7 4-16x50 scope. I really that stock...
    10. 1

      Best Place to buy Rem 700

      I picked up my 16.5 AAC-SD Remington 308 from Murray Ordnance in Beltsville. Best pricing I could find and local to me. Already ordered a Nikon Prostaff 7 with a EGW rail. Need to get rings and ammo!
    11. 1

      New Remington R1 first impressions

      My brother had issues with his a couple years ago. Ended up getting sent back to Remington and they have him a new one. I don't remember the exact issue but this sounds familiar.
    12. 1

      Remington AAC-SD

      PM me a price.
    13. 1

      Remington AAC-SD

      Im looking for the same thing.
    14. 1

      Best Place to buy Rem 700

      308. Would consider a 16.5 barrel for the right price.
    15. 1

      Best Place to buy Rem 700

      Looking to buy a Remington 700 SPS AAC-SD 20in barrel. Willing to buy new or used, must be post recall or have been sent back. If anyone knows where any are, let me know. Thanks,
    16. 1

      Remington 700 SPS 308

      Do you all have any 700's SPS 16.5in AAC-SD or just a 20in tactical verison in stock or available to order?
    17. 1

      Fr-8 Spanish Mauser

      I saw the few on gunbroker. I have been offered one in a condition between those 2. It's not perfect like the 675 one but ALOT better then the 450 one. The stock is in good shape other then a few marks here and there.
    18. 1

      Fr-8 Spanish Mauser

      Hello all, I have the opportunity to buy a 1952 Fr-8 Mauser. From what I've learned these guns are pretty rare. Basically it's a shortened 98 Mauser action converted to 7.62x51 NATO. I'm curious if anyone here owns one one or knows that they are worth. Ive seen then anywhere from 350-600 so...
    19. 1

      Need Barrel Recrowned

      Yep it goes that far. Ill take some pictures of it tonight.
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