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    1. basscat

      Long Island Audit Visits Cecil County

      You can watch thousands of these videos and everyone, without fail, when the question posed to the officer "is suspicious a misdemeanor or a felony" are always met with stone silence.
    2. 1984 Z-28

      For sale 1984 Z-28

      Selling my 1984 Z-28 Camaro. Beautiful 3rd gen car. All original. p/s, p/b, pwr windows, t-tops, a/c. This is a show quality car. (has won awards) Powered by a 305 4bbl. A/C blows cold. Tops and weatherstrips in great condition. More pics can be emailed upon request. Ready to cruise the summer...
    3. basscat

      Bulk Ammo Disposal

      Contact the fire marshal. They'll take it.
    4. basscat

      Semi automatic 410

      The Saiga 410 is a fun gun to shoot but I wouldn't call it reliable. Very picky with ammo but they shoot better with 3" shells. Mags are hard to find and pricey.
    5. basscat

      Rimfire Silhouette Shooting

      Scanners lake holds monthly Rimfire steel challenge. Pistols and rifles.
    6. basscat

      MDSP Hiring

      Laplata is is a traffic barracks. troopers now are basically revenue generators.
    7. basscat

      AG against military ammo for citizens

      The ammo isn't doing the killing. Just like the guns aren't.
    8. basscat

      1972 Star Super B

      Not sure of the super B but it they are anything like the "b", don't dry fire it. The Star b has a tendency to break firing pins when dry fired.
    9. basscat

      fishing with plastic worms and frogs?

      Stick to a few of the basics: Worms: use 4 inch stick baits such as Senkos. 6 inch ribbon tail worms, 3-4 inch curly tail grubs. Use 2/0 or 3/0 hooks Frogs: stay with soft body ones like Spro or marshmallow ones. Worms/grubs/stick baits: rig them "texas" style and fish slow to start. Bump them...
    10. basscat

      DE AG Going after Cabela's for Half Million Rounds of Ammo Stolen

      If a half million slim Jim's were stolen would they be this upset?
    11. basscat


    12. basscat

      Bridge Repair

      Army Corp of engineers. Sorry, couldn't resist. I got nothing for you.
    13. basscat

      Buying ammunition online?

      I have been buying ammo from target USA for years and have never had a single issue with them. I get exactly what I order, packaged well and usually arrives in 3 days.
    14. basscat

      Montgomery County Bill 21-22

      If an officer ask if you have any weapons in the car then you must disclose it then. You can't lie. They ask all the time now. That's how they get around the no duty to inform.
    15. basscat

      Grissley murder is SOMD

      No link. Heard it through some investigators.
    16. basscat

      Grissley murder is SOMD

      Before she was caught, she tried jumping of the TJ bridge.
    17. basscat

      Sporting clay ranges

      Delmarva does sporting clays.
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