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    1. FrankOceanXray

      Accepted a new job!

      Congratulations. I hope the new gig blesses you.
    2. FrankOceanXray

      Divorce Protections

      Yes. Right there with you. Morals don't count anymore.
    3. FrankOceanXray

      Using Drones to Spray Crops

      Ten years ago. That's the key. Advancements in battery technology alone ... AI is stepping in. Can ID weeds and spray accordingly... Lot of cool tech in Ag.
    4. FrankOceanXray

      Brownells selling Magpul 9mm drums for 50% off

      Reddit says this non-PCC one works for Kriss Vector. It is longer. There is a PCC variant which appears not on sale. I don't own a Kriss but I want to. Wondering if a good purchase to put away...
    5. FrankOceanXray

      Awareness/Mindset/Q&A get together with Bob "Ninja" Porras. Delta/CIA guy. Thursday April 18,2024

      Thank you. Took a pistol course with MSGT Paul Howe before. I really enjoy the energy of men like this. Look forward to it.
    6. FrankOceanXray

      Need a Dentist - Severna Park/Annapolis

      Severn River Dental. Dr. Yeremi. His wife does the Orthodontics. Good for adults and kids. Clean. In the park tavern plaza.
    7. FrankOceanXray

      Are You A Member Of MSI?

      Should team up with the classroom/instructors that do this training. Discounted rate. Build up numbers. Something.
    8. FrankOceanXray

      ATF Bans Smoke Grenades & Flash Bangs

      Phantom Fireworks. The cache of WW3.
    9. FrankOceanXray

      Montgomery County police hold public meeting on new plan to use drones as first responders

      Yes, genuine concerns. Their deployment is happening. Drones are becoming common in LE.
    10. FrankOceanXray

      Montgomery County police hold public meeting on new plan to use drones as first responders

      I find this response too generic, blanketing. There are plenty of drones flying in those areas.
    11. FrankOceanXray

      Free airtags from DC gov

      Reminds me of the book "See Something, Say Nothing" written by DHS plank holder, whistleblower and now deceased from a case of "suicide", entomologist Phillip Haney. In the book he spoke of his study of ants applied nicely to terrorists. Really timely in fact right now...
    12. FrankOceanXray

      IL Legislature passes anti everything bill

      Looks like an inventory list for some.. And a wish list for others.
    13. FrankOceanXray

      Knife Sharpening Guy At Huntingtown TSC every other Sunday

      Glad to see he is around still, his local HG route is manned by a different person now.
    14. FrankOceanXray

      Just Finished Printing a New Translated French Manual

      Incredible. The fun you are having is evident in the quality product you have made. Fascinating man you are.
    15. FrankOceanXray

      870 Wingmasters $280

      Very nice. I may bite. Thank you.
    16. FrankOceanXray

      HoCo School Bus Clusterf*ck

      You had one job. This AM, driver showed up approximately 15 minutes early.
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